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Thursday, September 4, 2008


My friend Jen introduced me months ago to Sweet Life in the Valley, which is another blog that shows cool things to do in Utah Valley, and also has Friday giveaways!! April (her name) had blogged about Metromint, which is a type of flavored water found at health food stores (and I'm not sure where else b/c I have yet to see them), and they have mint in it! Well, fast forward a few months later, and she had a giveaway for ALL the metromint waters... the company had contacted her and said "we'll send out 8 cases of Metromint", so she had a Friday giveaway.

Anyways, I won that giveaway, and after all the confusion of moving, I finally got my package yesterday!! There are 6 different types of flavors: OrangeMint, Peppermint Water, ChocolateMint water (not sure about this yet!), Spearmint Water, LemonMint Water, and finally CherryMint water. I tried the Orangemint water this morning after I chilled it, and it wasn't bad at all!! You could definitely taste the mint and the orange in there. But, I love mint anyways, so mint doesn't bother me one bit. In fact, my favorite herbal tea is Peppermint....

Check out April's blog ... I have her blog linked on mine. :)


Moving on ..... last night Mike and I went to Lowe's to check out any great deals for outdoor patio table & chairs. We didn't want to spend a whole lot, but since the weather is going to be pretty decent year round for us, we wanted to take advantage of eating outside as a family. We found this set that wasn't too bad. I REALLY wanted the 6 chair/table, but it wasn't even on clearance, and this was, so we (cough... I) settled for this. Not to mention I had no clue Lowe's honors Home Depot coupons, so we got an extra 10% off! Yay!! We have company coming tonight, so I set out trying to set up the chairs, and attempt the table. I think there was enough plastic wrapping on the chairs for a 3rd world country for a year, not to mention those plastic sheets with the bubbles that you pop (and secretly love to pop? Or, is that just ME?!). I think the chairs are OK... and I started on the table, but some MORON screwed one of the bolts in at an angle, and I can't unscrew it. So, I have to wait for Mike. ::thud:: So much for trying to show him I can do it.... So, here is what the end result will look like (let's hope). Simple, yet practical!


  1. Nice, I miss our backyard in TX. We dont have a yard now, just a clothes line:( sad... Sounds like you guys have already met new people..

  2. Hey nice patio furniture! Way to go on getting a good deal too--you always seem to get the good deals!

    I was just thinking that I'm not going to have anyone to go garage sale-ing with after dropping the kids off at school *sniff,sniff*

    Miss ya girl!


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