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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

{A Giveaway!! .... Trix Swirls Creative Gift Basket}

Today, I received a package from MyBlogSpark.....
and TWO of you can also receive this package as well!!
Maddie & Katie are ALL over this art set. Both girls are natural born artists... I let them have free rein over all our art supplies.... providing they clean up after themselves. :)

Here's what you'll get in this awesome package:

  • sample of the NEW Trix Swirls cereal
  • a VERY colorful apron
  • set of watercolor pencils
  • watercolor paints
  • brushes
  • a HUGE sketchbook
  • an art supply book

To enter, answer this one question for me: in what ways do you inspire creativity with your kids? Giveaway will end on Tuesday July 28th at 10 p.m. CST. :) I will announce the winner here on my blog on Wednesday (probably after I get home from work...)!


  1. I inspire creativity by listening to them when they make up stories. They love getting my undivided attention and that gets their imagination going.

  2. My kids and I have an almost daily, "Craft Time" except my kids for a long time, thought it was called, "Crap Time." We do all sorts of things - playdo, coloring books, watercolors, painting, drawing, etc.... They love the stuff we do together and they LOVE being creative!

  3. My kids love to be creative. I've found with boys their creativity comes out the strongest when they are playing pretend (think jedi, bionicles, sword fighting... it's hilarious because there is always really loud sound effects involved). Their other favorite activities are coloring, playdoh and can you believe this... helping me cook, they LOVE IT!!

  4. So Tyler doesn't do much creativity yet, but I did have a bunch of 2nd graders under my watch for two years. I allowed them to use clay and a stick (like the skewer sticks) and they had to write their spelling words on the clay. Then after they were done I let them create things. It was always fun to see them inspire each other with ideas to mold.

    We also reenacted stories we read, each student playing a role and then acting it out for the class.

    We once put food coloring in spray bottles and made art in the snow. *can't do that so much here*

    Free time also lets them explore. Have a few choices of games, blocks, puzzles and let them build things.

    PS I LOVE Trix cereal!! wink wink

  5. The thing I've found to inspire creativity is to turn off the TV and make them use their imaginations to create art, stories, games, dramatic play. Once they are almost forced to interact with each other and not a screen, the creativity starts to blossom!

  6. I think play time is a good time to inspire creativity. Avery comes up with some crazy creative stories!

    Also, I actually do crafts with him, he loves creating things!

    I totally want to win!

  7. Amy you are too funny:) That is a pretty cool gift basket. How am I letting my girls be creative-- hmmm. I guess by letting them be themselves and encouraging color time, play time, reading, whatever as long as they aren't eating the crayons or getting into things, or coloring on walls-- you know the drill:)

  8. I share (most) of my crafting supplies with my kids. Curly Girl has loved my newest acquisition, a 1" scalloped circle punch. She has colored the circles, written on them, made them into "coins", played "card" games with them.....

    Last December when school was canceled, I taught all of the kids (that wanted to) to knit.

    Wet sidewalk chalk makes a very nice "painting" on the steps outside. I guess you'd have to describe it as smoother/creamier.

    Biggest thing is turning off the TV. It is quite the creativity and time sucker.

  9. I think the way I inspire creativity in my kids is that I always have fresh paper set up on our easel so that they can color any time they want. I like to encourage them to make up silly songs too. We love silly songs. :)

  10. my kids and I pounded an entire box of trix swirls cereal in one sitting. (shh - don't tell mandi!) love the tie die idea - we are in desperate need of activities to do in this sweltering inferno we call HOME!!!

  11. Argh! I just had a long one written and it disappeared! We actually do a lot creatively around here. Today at dinner, we had water, but we decided to pretend it was juice. We made up all kinds of juice flavors. The conversation led to what kind of aliens we'd be (colors, extra limbs, etc). Another thing we do is play with "story dice" where I have 3 dice (a who, what, and where) to make up stories to. Our other favorite thing to do is make up things that could go in buildings being constructed. We've imagined everything from unicorn hospitals to pools full of chocolate pudding!

  12. Awesome giveaway, Amy, and I'm loving all the creative moms here! I'm sadly un-crafty, but I do try to expose my kids to art-- museums, art festivals, learning about the public art around town. We talk about what the artist/sculptor was trying to convey, how it makes us feel, why we think they used thick brushstrokes, etc.....and often it inspires them to bust out the watercolors back home. :)

  13. I try to inspire creativity by allowing my kid to explore. Sure, my house looks like a tornado hit it because he's taken his trains into his bed to let them go nigh' nigh', or putting his elephant in his golf caddy, or letting him color on the walls (wait, I didn't really allow that last one, he kind of snuck it on me!).

    What a great giveaway Amy!

  14. Like I said, I don't want to enter so that a fun momma can have some fun with her grown kiddos instead.

    But I love me some Trix....mmmmm.

  15. I'm not crafty; I'm more into making forts at playtime with sheets and all the household furniture; singing silly songs, and making "fun" food... sandwich boats, hot dog octopii (?), etc. I would love this kit for my grandkids! Debra Lynn

  16. Well one of my daughters is writing a book, she is only 15 and hopes to publish it by her graduation. We are all always coming up with new characters for her. We will speak in pig-latin or make up words and try to figure out what the others are saying. My children have always loved bed time stories from me. I make them up as we go each night adding more to them, and I think that has inspired my 15 year old to write her own story. My husband teaches creativity in cooking. His omletts are one of a kind. He puts whatever he litterally can find in them and you always think...EW! But they always turn out yummy and it has helped our kids want to create their own meals.
    No matter who ever wins this, its a great idea and a great way to share other parents tips and ideas. Thanks for being you :)

  17. haha! i didn't read the instructions very well - my comment didn't make any sense in regards to your question - sorry! congrats to the winners!


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