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Sunday, May 22, 2011


I'm so late in this review.... probably because of my misunderstanding with the entire process for this company!  I was given the opportunity to order 5 packs of gum from MyExtraGum courtesy of BSM Media & Extra gum.  I finally had a chance to sit down this morning since my deadline was coming up and FAST!  However, I thought I had to create FIVE different designs so I could get five packs of gum.  WRONG!  I just wasted an hour of my day (which I don't have) coming up with designs and trying to find pictures .... only to realize when I went to my cart to finalize, that ONE order is five packs of gum.  ::thud::

So, this is my review of MyExtraGum .  I think the idea in general is a very good idea, however, for one set of five packs of gum, it will run you $24.95 + a $6.95 shipping fee.  Pretty pricey for gum, in my opinion.  The price does go down for more gum that you buy .... but really, I don't know who would still pay $3 for a pack of gum to give away at a Corporate event, or for party/wedding favors.  But then again, I can be pretty "cheap" or even frugal and have to say I wouldn't do this again.

The process of creating a design is relatively easy itself.  You can upload from your computer, Facebook or even Flickr.  My only beef (well, a few beefs, I guess) is that the Browse button to upload from your computer stopped working.  Not sure if that was because it was something w/ my computer or something w/ the website?  I could upload from my computer fine elsewhere.  When I tried to take pictures from my Facebook account, it only went halfway through my albums.  So, I only got half of my pictures to choose from -- which made me mad, so I finally uploaded pictures to Flickr from my computer in order to get the pictures I wanted.  Took a LONG time when you consider I was doing five different designs.

Now, when you add a picture, you can change the size, change the color of the picture (which I thought was totally cool and my favorite part of this whole process) -- you could do a Hipster, '70's, desaturation, B&W, etc ... or you could "leave alone".  Since I do my own editing, I did not use this feature, but it was a cool add.  You have a bunch of colors to choose from, as well as fonts to use for your wording.

Would I use this site again?  No .. probably not.  Simply because it was too expensive.  If I had all the money in the world and I could do anything I want with it -- then sure!  I'd use it again!  But, given my frustration with the system (which was slow at times), and the adding pictures ... that might also make me not want to try it out again.  However, knowing what I know now, it might be much easier to use next time.

When I get my five packs of gum (in the same design...), I will take a picture and show everyone.  :)

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