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Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July at the Cabin ... and more cabin updates!

I know it's been five months... and I sorely miss blogging!.  We had an adventurous 4th of July this past weekend, and I just HAD to blog and share our progress and adventures!!
Down the road by our cabin is a "U-pick-it blueberry farm". It has been on my "Momma's Bucket List to do w/ the girls" list since they were toddlers.  Needless to say, it's always closed.... no matter when we go.  Probably something to do with blueberries having to be IN SEASON!  Anyways, last week I had the bright idea to see if it was in fact open, and it WAS!!  So the girls and I headed over to the blueberry farm (orchard?!) for an hour of picking blueberries.  Only one blueberry was placed in the mouth (that was me).  We had a great time, and only paid $8 for a HUGE bucket of blueberries!  They are a bit tart .... but that's OK.  I love a good deal, and it beats paying $2.50 in the store for a small pint size container!

Katie the camo punk girl holds up a blueberry ....
(she wore her hair and hat like that ALL weekend long)



"Girls.. pick the ones that are PURPLE!  Not pink!"


By now, our bucket is only 3/4 of the way full, but sweat was dripping off of our noses and we were tired and frankly .... ready to call it a day there.  It was only maybe 9:30 in the morning.

Later that night we headed down the road to the lake and grabbed a (horribly bad) spot to watch the fireworks.  The girls placed their chairs in the truck and had fun.  Needless to say since we were in a bad area (tons of trees in our vision), we left early.  Now we know where to park next year.
On our property, we have lots of studs.  (lumber... that needs to be used)
This is one of the studs that can be found on the property.
Ha ha ha... (I know, bad humor)
Earlier this year, Mike threw our other picnic into the fire b/c termites pretty much ate the thing up.  Not to mention it was fit for a giant to eat at (it was so huge and tall... our feet never touched the ground).  So, placing concrete .... things.. on the ground, he built another picnic table.  This is MUCH better as far as proportions go, but definitely our nieces and nephews will need to sit on their knees again, or eat on the porch.  Still a bit tall -- but at least we touch the ground!
We spread mulch on the ground, so now it smells all purdy like cedar.
Mike started landscaping a bit... placing more concrete.. things... on the ground in front of the porch.  Lattice fencing will go under the porch .. eventually.
Due to all the break ins we had last year (four in total) -- and the last one they tried to get in through the window, Mike built closeable shutters that open and shut (and lock for when we're not there).  I absolutely love them.  We'll paint them green to match the bottom of the cabin and the top part of the cabin.
and since I need to help a little here and there... trimming is all I do.  Mike tells me I rock at it. I hate trimming.  Ever since I got into whatever it was three years ago and developed a HUGE rash (probably poison ivy) ... I avoid it like the plague.  But I sported around a long sleeve shirt and gloves and got the job done.  I cut down trees (ok, they were probably 1-3 inches thick, so not sure I can QUITE call them trees), and lots of branches -- so now our entry way into the property looks much cleaner.  Had a few spiders drop on me that scared Katie away.  So much for my kids looking out for me....

I managed to pull down a TON of grapevine growing on the trees (really, strangling the trees).  A lot of the vines had green grapes growing on them.  I consider it a huge accomplishment if I can pull down a huge section of grapevine!!  Those suckers are hard to pull!
and when the girls aren't riding the four wheelers around the property, you can find them playing badminton.  However, they're not playing right now, so enjoy the picture of two trees with a net in between it.
another closeup picture of the concrete... things.  Now we can stamp our feet to get the sand off even more before we step onto the porch.
the final look of what the shutters look like closed and locked.
and finally... a dead scorpion.  I had NO STINKING CLUE we had scorpions on the property.  I have NEVER seen a scorpion since we've moved to Texas six years ago.  Mike managed to never TELL me we had scorpions in the CABIN in the early stages.  In the Jacuzzi tub!!  Well, after coming home from fireworks it was right NEXT to the front door (I call it the front door, Mike calls it the back door)... and Katie shouted "SCORPION!" and Maddie came to the rescue and promptly stomped the crap out of it.  Lovely.  We shall call Maddie "The Insect Stomper" or "The Insect Killer" from here on out b/c she managed to kill a mini tarantula for me yesterday.  At least, it was a big spider that was really fuzzy, and big.  :: shudder ::
So altogether we (remember I say we, and I really mean Mike) got a LOT done and it really is coming along fantastically!!  We (Mike) has gotten a lot done inside of the cabin as well, but I have no pictures to share of that ....
Until next time....  :)
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