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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Waterpik Ecoflow giveaway & review!

Here in Texas we are in a drought.  We've been in a drought for a VERY long time.  So naturally, we hear all the time about conserving water.  We are only allowed to water our grass by sprinklers on certain days of the week (make that DAY.. not days! depending on which level we are at!).  We are not allowed to wash our car in the driveway, or rather.. we CAN.  But we can't let the water go in the street.  I know I know.  How in the world do you accomplish THAT?

When I was sent a Waterpik Ecoflow shower head to try out how well it conserves water & saves ME money -- I was sold!  Mostly for the fact that we are always looking for ways to conserve water here in San Antonio. 

The Waterpik Ecoflow has five custom spray settings.  They are:  circular massage, power spray, circular massage + mist, mising spray, and full body.  I love the fact that while we may think that conserving water would mean that we won't get the full power that we normally expect -- it still does a great job!

The showerheads are engineered to save YOU money while still delivering a positive showering experience!   I took the Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation which encourages everyone to participate in their online pledge!!  We already follow the rules set in place for San Antonio in watering our flowers & grass before 8 a.m. and after 8 p.m. at night.

Thanks to MomSelect, I have an extra Waterpik Ecoflow showerhead to give away!  This is valued at $51.99!!

Just leave me a comment that you would love to be entered!

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A winner will be drawn on May 3rd at 9:00 p.m.  The winner will have 24 hours to get back in touch with me so please leave a way for me to get in contact with you!

By publishing this post, I was compensated as part of a promotional program with MomSelect. All opinions are my own

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sabrina's Graduation Pictures | San Antonio Photographer

Miss Sabrina is graduating in May!  Here are a few samples of her graduation pictures for her announcement.


For more of my natural light photography located in San Antonio, please see Photos by Amy Nelson or my FB Page Amy Nelson Photography.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I don't see it...

Lately ... it baffles me when I hear people comment on how much Katie looks like me.

Last year at school, one of Katie's friends told her she thought I was Katie's older sister!!  However, I don't see it...

Then several people I grew up with have commented on my Facebook pictures that Katie reminds them of me when I was that age.... I don't see it.

Then.. many people who meet Katie for the first time exclaim "Oh MY!!  She is your TWIN!  But with blonde hair!!"  Again... I don't see it.

Can you see it?  I sure don't!  And neither can Katie!

(picture of me when I was either a freshmen/sophomore/junior in high school)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

More baby pictures .... ::sigh::

The reason for the huge amount of pictures I will be showing off today is because I cleaned some drawers out.  I found my pictures I was looking for!! 

When I think of Maddie as a toddler... this is the age I go back to.  These perfect little Chicklet teeth.  Saying "Cheeese" every time I bring the camera out.  She used to just point at the camera if it was on the table and say to me "cheese!".  This cute little stinker who used to get on the table and pour my salt and pepper out onto the table (I do have pictures of that...), and who used to throw her spaghetti on the walls and ceilings when I was cleaning up the table after dinner (Yes, I do have pictures of that as well!). 


This cute little blondie jabbered all the time -- only Katie could understand her. It took Katie to interpret what Maddie wanted. For a few years. :(  This is the same age that Maddie couldn't say the word fish.  She would say "shishie".   Maddie LOVED fish.  We took the family one day to a Japanese restaurant that had a huge aquarium.  I think my parents were with us... anyways, this little darling would start at the "shishies" the entire time, so every single one of us adults all took time away from our meal to hold her and look at the "shishies". 

We took them to Branson to see the fish hatchery.  Maddie then said "ewww" about her "shishies".  LOL

Katie was never my troublemaker as a little one.  She was just the sweetest little girl, always obedient.  So quiet, but loved to have fun and giggle and laugh.

Lion King was her absolute favorite movie of all time, and many times she would wake up in the middle of the night -- and she and I would take a blanket downstairs and watch the Lion King again.  Sadly... I was OK w/ TV being on during the day, so quite a few times she watched it 3 times a day. 

She was pretty excited when Lion King came out on DVD this last year. 
Sadly I didn't think about getting it..


Yes, I did put mascara on her little eyes sometimes for her pictures.  Otherwise, they would just disappear....  my mom chastised me about that.. and I stopped.  But I did add some to her eyes again when she was turning 8 for her baptism picture.  :O


We can't forget our very first family picture together... Katie was 2 years old?

Both my girls lacked hair until they were maybe 18 months old... then it was like that Playdoh machine that pushes playdoh through all these little holes on a head, and out came hair.  It was like one day they went to bed with barely any hair... and the next day it was "poof!  You've got hair now!"  I remember when Katie was 18 months old.. we took a trip w/ the Nelson family to Walt Disney World.  Katie's Aunt Tiffany put her in pigtails for the first time, and she looked so adorable, and no longer like a baby. 

I think Katie has Mike's shape of eyes.. and Maddie has my shape of eyes.  Could you tell at the picture below?  Katie is on the left, and Maddie is on the right.  :)

Cherish your babies when they are little.  Enjoy this time .. no matter how hard it is!!  Truthfully, you will blink, and you will find your oldest at age 14, and your baby at age 10!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Who is who?

Who is who in this picture??
Can you tell which one is Katie and which is Madison?


I bought this dress for the wedding of my sister in law got when Katie was 10 months old.  When Maddie was 11 months old, I took her back to the same studio .... in the same dress .. in the same pose.  :)

Katie is on the left.  Madison on the right.  I sure miss them being babies!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A party of fun...

Katie's best friend Madison celebrated her birthday in style this year!  Since she LOVES the Hunger Games .. her mom found a Groupon deal on archery for a party.  What an awesome idea!  Maddie was able to tag along as well, and everyone had such a blast!

everyone is lined up learning how to pull back the bow.




I'm so glad these two are best buddies... they are both so much alike they truly are like twins!
Everyone needs to have one very best friend in the world!


both Maddie & Katie did pretty well for the first time beginners!!
Me?  I only shot 5 arrows... and I made the board 3 times. The other two arrows flew elsewhere.

a few weeks ago Katie came to me saying excitedly "Mom!  I can now wink!!"  Poor girl has never been able to really wink ... especially without closing her mouth.   So this time I made the girls wink at me -- and Katie has her mouth open.  Ha ha ha!


Happy Birthday Miss Madison!!  Glad you shared it with us!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bragging about Katie....

Let's take a day today and brag a little about Katie....

Katie works hard for good grades.  She studies for her test, but just like her momma, she generally doesn't do very well on tests that she studies for!  She took a test not too long ago (not studying..), and managed to get a 97% on it!  She was so proud of herself, she placed it on the fridge for all to see!  (Remember how our little ones would get SO proud their artwork would make the fridge?  This is TOTALLY how it was!)


Basketball finished up a month or so ago... we (she?) were sad it was over b/c she was really catching on to the game.  OK, I wasn't too sad it was over b/c the driving to pick her up from school was killing me on gas!!  But she had a GREAT season, and found something she is really good at!

Which brings us to this next picture.  There was a party for all the girls who participated in Basketball this year (she didn't know about it b/c she didn't get the announcement about the party) -- so imagine her surprise when she went to school and found out she won MVP/Most Hustle of all the girls on her team!!  I had to laugh b/c her trophy is a bobblehead.  Way to go Katie!!

Then the Color Guard of the High School came to the middle school and tried to show off what they can do in hopes of gathering some new recruits for the new school year.  Katie tried her hand at the flags, and several high school girls came up to her and said "please try out!  You're really good at this!"  She is still debating about trying out or not... basketball?  Color Guard?  Hmmm... decisions!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The W Family | San Antonio Photographer

My dear friend has hired me to take family pictures for her since the birth of her first child ...  Miss B.  Then shortly after that, Miss T came along for the ride, and I was able to take pictures of her as a newborn as well!  I've been shooting pictures every few months for the family, and I have to say this session, as hard as it was to capture a smile from Miss B ... was my favorite of the all the ones I've done in the past with this family! 

Combine the background of beautiful purple flowers, an orange chair, and a beautiful family.. it was a recipe for beauty!

I have so many more pictures of the family ... but these are the ones that really caught my eye!












For more of my photography, check out my Photography Facebook Page.... go ahead and like my page while you're at it if you like my photography!   If you are in the San Antonio area, then contact me if you're interested in a session! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

BFFs and a little sister

On Saturday night I had a photo shoot involving two toddler little girls with their parents.  So, naturally I drag my girls with me to act like monkeys behind my back and get the little girls to smile during the family part of the session!

We had gotten to the park a little early, and Katie's BFF was with us that day (Hi Madison!!  I know you read my blog now!  I get to embarrass you now!!) so naturally I dragged her along for the ride.

I love to do a quick photo session with my girl's BFF's.  I did one w/ Maddie &  her BFF Tressa before she moved.  It was a fun time for the girls to act crazy like they always do, and to frame that picture.

So, Katie & her BFF Madison posed for me... hilarious times. 




This "duck face" they're both showing is hilarious... "You are NOT a duck!" is what I'm constantly seeing on handmade meme's around the internet!


Then poor Maddie... she had my purse, my camera bag, her purse, Katie's purse, and Madison's purse.  All Vera Bradley too... (excet for my camera bag.. that's Jo's Totes!)


So she struck a Mary Tyler Moore pose and went crazy as well ....  silly child!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

More of the Highland Games ....

Here are the rest of the pictures I took while at the San Antonio Highland Games.... some of them I am thinking about turning into the photography contest that they hold..... What do you think? :)

The first set of pictures is the Viking mock demonstration they had. This was so fun to watch ....


In these two pictures, two guys get on all fours, and a woman lays on the guys back.  The guy standing up hands the two girls an axe, and they hold on for dear life.  The two guys on the ground start moving forward, and whoever is left holding on to the axe is the winner!



I've never gotten a chance to see a caber toss in action -- and was in the right place when it started!



Maddie knew she couldn't get her face painted until after her last show -- and this wonderful lady who was painting faces painted her a beautiful butterfly on her face. She truly is an amazing face painter!



(see Katie sulking in the background of Maddie??) ......



Saturday, April 7, 2012

Highland Dancing at the Highland Games

This year the girls' dance troupe performed at the San Antonio Highland Games.  We had a much longer time slot this year, and were able to showcase many of the dances they all know how to do.  They ALL did such a great job!

Keep in mind that this group only meets once a month .... 11 times a year (they don't meet in August), so they all work so incredibly hard learning new dances each year!

Here are some of the great pictures I took of my girls & the other dancers.

Katie leaps at the end of her Seann Trius dance






the group sword dance






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