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Thursday, April 19, 2012

More baby pictures .... ::sigh::

The reason for the huge amount of pictures I will be showing off today is because I cleaned some drawers out.  I found my pictures I was looking for!! 

When I think of Maddie as a toddler... this is the age I go back to.  These perfect little Chicklet teeth.  Saying "Cheeese" every time I bring the camera out.  She used to just point at the camera if it was on the table and say to me "cheese!".  This cute little stinker who used to get on the table and pour my salt and pepper out onto the table (I do have pictures of that...), and who used to throw her spaghetti on the walls and ceilings when I was cleaning up the table after dinner (Yes, I do have pictures of that as well!). 


This cute little blondie jabbered all the time -- only Katie could understand her. It took Katie to interpret what Maddie wanted. For a few years. :(  This is the same age that Maddie couldn't say the word fish.  She would say "shishie".   Maddie LOVED fish.  We took the family one day to a Japanese restaurant that had a huge aquarium.  I think my parents were with us... anyways, this little darling would start at the "shishies" the entire time, so every single one of us adults all took time away from our meal to hold her and look at the "shishies". 

We took them to Branson to see the fish hatchery.  Maddie then said "ewww" about her "shishies".  LOL

Katie was never my troublemaker as a little one.  She was just the sweetest little girl, always obedient.  So quiet, but loved to have fun and giggle and laugh.

Lion King was her absolute favorite movie of all time, and many times she would wake up in the middle of the night -- and she and I would take a blanket downstairs and watch the Lion King again.  Sadly... I was OK w/ TV being on during the day, so quite a few times she watched it 3 times a day. 

She was pretty excited when Lion King came out on DVD this last year. 
Sadly I didn't think about getting it..


Yes, I did put mascara on her little eyes sometimes for her pictures.  Otherwise, they would just disappear....  my mom chastised me about that.. and I stopped.  But I did add some to her eyes again when she was turning 8 for her baptism picture.  :O


We can't forget our very first family picture together... Katie was 2 years old?

Both my girls lacked hair until they were maybe 18 months old... then it was like that Playdoh machine that pushes playdoh through all these little holes on a head, and out came hair.  It was like one day they went to bed with barely any hair... and the next day it was "poof!  You've got hair now!"  I remember when Katie was 18 months old.. we took a trip w/ the Nelson family to Walt Disney World.  Katie's Aunt Tiffany put her in pigtails for the first time, and she looked so adorable, and no longer like a baby. 

I think Katie has Mike's shape of eyes.. and Maddie has my shape of eyes.  Could you tell at the picture below?  Katie is on the left, and Maddie is on the right.  :)

Cherish your babies when they are little.  Enjoy this time .. no matter how hard it is!!  Truthfully, you will blink, and you will find your oldest at age 14, and your baby at age 10!


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  1. Yes they do grow up very fast... My baby only has a year left, then she is on her way to college....


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