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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tell Katie to stop following me!

The girls have been in summer school since May 30th, and this is a "fun" summer school they can be a part of. On top of that, they earn money for even going to school: $100 if you don't miss a day, $75 if you miss one day, etc. So far they haven't miss a day of school as they are trying so hard to earn their $100! (Maddie would love to get an American Girl doll, and Katie wants a pool -- ha ha, the money is going towards school stuff). Anyways, this is the first time the girls have gone to school together. Maddie has been able to start a Kindergarten class to help the little ones just getting ready to start school learn about school, so she'll have a head start. I had Katie take her to her classroom every morning just to make sure Maddie got to her class fine. After a week Maddie started complaining that she can do it herself and didn't need help. I still wasn't very comfortable with Maddie being alone with all the big kids in that school, so I told Katie to "hang back" and watch her go into her class. This morning Maddie proceeds to tell me to "tell Katie to stop following me!". I asked her "what do you mean?". Maddie replied "well, she always follows me to my class and I can DO IT MYSELF!" (the bold meaning she really emphasized her feelings!). I looked at Katie and said in a quiet voice in which Maddie couldn't hear me "you were supposed to stay far back so she didn't see you!". So, today Maddie is going to her class all by herself. I'm already training Katie to be a secret FBI agent, starting with the fact of following someone discreetly. Perhaps I need to work on the discreetly part? ;)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Little Girl Who Wouldn't Get Dressed

I thought since it's so hard nowadays to keep the family up on what's happening with the girls, I would just create a blog, to where the family can keep tabs this way! I'll post pictures here of the girls, tell you the funny things they do, the CRAZY things they do (and we know they do this a lot!), and anything else we want to share! One thing I do request is that this blog is for family eye's only. Please do not give this address out to anyone who is not related to us. :)

If you want to leave a message (where the comments box is), you'll have to get an email w/ google. Just go to http://www.google.com/ and sign up for an email. Once you have an email from them (it'll be @gmail.com), then you can sign in and leave a message for us!

Our first story of the day is about Maddie Moo .... this story I'll title "the little girl who wouldn't get dressed" the little stinker didn't know I was serious about sending her to school in her jammies!! After warning her for over an hour to get dressed, she flat out ignored me. I repeated myself many time telling her that I would send her to school in her jammies. Finally it was time to leave, and I picked up her shoes, my purse, my keys and of course, Maddie. :) Who, of course, started crying and screaming when she realized that I was serious. :) After five minutes of pure sobbing and of course, a few seconds of vomiting up her yogurt from crying so hard, she pleaded w/ me that she'll listen and put her clothes on. Let me tell you that I think this little girl has learned her lesson today! She even said this afternoon that she will always listen to Momma and put her clothes on.

Until the next time ... toodle loo!
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