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Monday, December 31, 2012

My parents come to town!

My parents came to town ... just in time when I got sick.  I realize now that I get sick every single year at the same time.  I always end up w/ a horrible cough, no energy -- and it lasts for a few weeks.

So, my great plans of going to all these amazing places to show off San Antonio kind of... disappeared.  They generally come during the summer, which is in the dead heat -- and no one ventures outside.  Sadly, we only hit up one touristy place this trip.  THE RIVERWALK!

Also sadly, this is the only time I got my camera out while my parents were in town.  Talk about a slacker .... most of the time we were watching movies, lounging around, while I was coughing my head off.

We went to the Riverwalk right before sundown.  We wanted to catch the lights as well as the sunlight so they could see the architecture from the barge (the boats that ride the river).  When the barge ride was over, the line was SUPER long (like over the hills and through the woods kind of long) -- so we went at the perfect time!

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of my dad... and the one I took of Maddie was extremely blurry (she was super close to me -- and my lens requires me to be a little farther away), but know they were with us!





This is some of the sites one would see if they ride the Riverwalk Barge...




Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas this year was a lot of fun .... my parents planned to visit us over Christmas, and since they don't celebrate Christmas, we decided to celebrate it before they came. 


We started the evening out by eating at my favorite place to eat ... BJ's!  We love their pizookies there, but didn't get them this time!

When we got home, I told the girls to get into their pajamas -- and then everyone could dig into their stockings and presents.


Katie's big present was cowboy boots & a cowboy hat.  She decided not to have it wrapped, so she had the fewest presents to open.  But, she was still thrilled with her other loot she did get!

I swear.. it seems like I buy her silver hoops every year, because she manages to lose hers every year! 



The girls bought Mike a case of Mexican Coca Cola ... which ended being flat (need to take it back!)


Miss Maddie is our straw girl -- so what better thing to get her than a nice straw holder?

Katie's dream guy is Hunter Hayes..... and Maddie got her the Hunter Hayes CD ... she was excited.


Maddie's big gift this year was an itouch -- and boy was she excited!



This was Katie's year for music, I guess.... she also asked for the Luke Bryan CD ... which she got courtesty of Maddie!

Katie got Maddie a huge box of puzzles ... since Maddie loves puzzles!

The girls got me these two colorful Santoku knives!


... and my big present from Mike was 5 sets of Fiesta dishes!!  Wahoo!!  Our other dishes we've had for almost 16 years, and it was time to say goodbye to them (they're going to the cabin).  It took me FOREVER to figure out what I wanted to have for my  next set ... and while this wasn't on my wish list (I really wanted a Kindle Fire), I'm thoroughly thrilled with my gift!  Two days later I went out and bought four more sets.... I now own almost all the colors!



Saturday, December 29, 2012

Smile! You're on Camera part 2

Back in August I wrote a blog post about the different animals we see on our Game Cam at the property.  Our most awesome picture was a big huge razorback, that we've nicknamed Tiny -- which has yet to be seen again since.  You can click on this link and you can see the animals we've captured on camera. 

Since Mike installed another Game Cam camera on the same property but in a different location (he noticed a bedding ground for pigs nearby and found a trail made by the animals).  Most of these pictures are from that location, but included are a few new ones in our normal location where the feeder is located!

The best picture, of course... is saved for last!

If you notice the date in the bottom right corner ... the year is wrong.  This is the time the deer come out to graze.  MOST of the time they come out at sunrise and sundown.  This one came smack in the middle of the day!


Look how HUGE these hogs are!  Tiny is not in this picture... but these are still big!



This is the trail that was found .... and what caused Mike to place a camera in this location.


I believe these are fox (foxes?  foxs'?) -- either way, there are two fox.  Or coyotes.  I can't remember what Mike said they were....



Let me state for the record, I'm totally in love with this black & white little baby pig.



I spy with my little eye.....an owl!


I also spy with my little eye.... two girls walking and waiting for their dad to check the cam after hunting!


 .... same two girls riding the four wheelers along the trail


I've never seen a deer with one antler.  Until now.  The laughingstock of the tribe of deer he must be.  "Don't look now Larry ... but that deer only has ONE antler!"   Don't mind my sense of humor right now... I'm overmedicated w/ cough medicines & decongestants to stop my cough.


..... and I said I'd save the best for last!!  This gorgeous ..... prime hunk of a buck!

"excuse me!  .... won't you please say hello for the camera?"


Ahh.... gorgeous huh?  Also came smack in the middle of the day as well!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

What in the world has Amy been up to?

Oh my .... it's been almost a month since I've blogged, and really, it's quite unheard of for me to not blog!!  I've been quite busy, actually. 

Yesterday I just finished coaching my last season of volleyball for Maddie's team.  While I enjoyed the run for the past 3 years, I'm ready to be done. 


I was called to serve in the Young Women's organization at church in November, so I'm getting used to being around teenaged girls now instead of little kids!!  I had to resnap pictures of Katie for a project the leaders are doing in YW at church, and while we didn't use these pictures, I sure do love them of Katie!



We finally have fall here in San Antonio!  We don't see the leaves change colors very often (probably because we lack the type of trees that turn the beautiful reds and oranges!), but I did find some beautiful colors at my last photoshoot!  I also found that our tree out front of our house turns red in the fall too!  YAY!  It's no secret that fall is my favorite time of year!



Mike started tile work in our kitchen -- hasn't finished it yet.  But, at least the bar section is 87% done ... he still needs to seal it up.  I can't believe I didn't take a final picture.  To come later!




The Young Women had their Young Women in Excellence night at church.  Each girl talked about what they worked on for their projects that year.  Katie & her BFF Madison danced the Highland Fling.  You can see Katie's profile picture on the "flame".  Her poster was also drawn by herself, and she added in words found in magazines that reflect how she sees herself.






We had our traditional Sunday dinner every first Sunday of the month -- the month of December was at our friend's Katie's home -- she is an amazing baker and this is her second year of having something for the kids to decorate and take home.  This year it was a stable!






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