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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Smile! You're on Camera part 2

Back in August I wrote a blog post about the different animals we see on our Game Cam at the property.  Our most awesome picture was a big huge razorback, that we've nicknamed Tiny -- which has yet to be seen again since.  You can click on this link and you can see the animals we've captured on camera. 

Since Mike installed another Game Cam camera on the same property but in a different location (he noticed a bedding ground for pigs nearby and found a trail made by the animals).  Most of these pictures are from that location, but included are a few new ones in our normal location where the feeder is located!

The best picture, of course... is saved for last!

If you notice the date in the bottom right corner ... the year is wrong.  This is the time the deer come out to graze.  MOST of the time they come out at sunrise and sundown.  This one came smack in the middle of the day!


Look how HUGE these hogs are!  Tiny is not in this picture... but these are still big!



This is the trail that was found .... and what caused Mike to place a camera in this location.


I believe these are fox (foxes?  foxs'?) -- either way, there are two fox.  Or coyotes.  I can't remember what Mike said they were....



Let me state for the record, I'm totally in love with this black & white little baby pig.



I spy with my little eye.....an owl!


I also spy with my little eye.... two girls walking and waiting for their dad to check the cam after hunting!


 .... same two girls riding the four wheelers along the trail


I've never seen a deer with one antler.  Until now.  The laughingstock of the tribe of deer he must be.  "Don't look now Larry ... but that deer only has ONE antler!"   Don't mind my sense of humor right now... I'm overmedicated w/ cough medicines & decongestants to stop my cough.


..... and I said I'd save the best for last!!  This gorgeous ..... prime hunk of a buck!

"excuse me!  .... won't you please say hello for the camera?"


Ahh.... gorgeous huh?  Also came smack in the middle of the day as well!

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