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Monday, December 31, 2012

My parents come to town!

My parents came to town ... just in time when I got sick.  I realize now that I get sick every single year at the same time.  I always end up w/ a horrible cough, no energy -- and it lasts for a few weeks.

So, my great plans of going to all these amazing places to show off San Antonio kind of... disappeared.  They generally come during the summer, which is in the dead heat -- and no one ventures outside.  Sadly, we only hit up one touristy place this trip.  THE RIVERWALK!

Also sadly, this is the only time I got my camera out while my parents were in town.  Talk about a slacker .... most of the time we were watching movies, lounging around, while I was coughing my head off.

We went to the Riverwalk right before sundown.  We wanted to catch the lights as well as the sunlight so they could see the architecture from the barge (the boats that ride the river).  When the barge ride was over, the line was SUPER long (like over the hills and through the woods kind of long) -- so we went at the perfect time!

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of my dad... and the one I took of Maddie was extremely blurry (she was super close to me -- and my lens requires me to be a little farther away), but know they were with us!





This is some of the sites one would see if they ride the Riverwalk Barge...




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