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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Miss Katie earns her YW Medallion!

Katie made a realization this summer ... that she was within reach of the end of her Personal Progress!  She made a goal to finish her Personal Progress by the end of the year!

The last project she had to complete was to read the Book of Mormon.  She finished it Sunday morning.  Talk about a close call!

Last Sunday she had an interview with our Bishop, who knew of this goal of hers, but still interviewed her ... knowing she may or may not complete her goal .....   She was to give him a nod or shake her head no at church to let him know if he would proceed and give her the award or not.

The medallion represents the work of 8 different values:  Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice & Accountability, Good Works, Integrity & Virtue.  With each value, she does 6 different assignments (like reading a few scriptures and writing her thoughts, or working on prayer morning & night for 3 weeks, etc).  At the end of each value, she does a 10 hour project.  This entire work took her almost 3 years to do.  It differs for each girl on the length of time they work on their Personal Progress... some take 6 years, some take 4 years, etc.  It is up to them, but Katie wanted to get hers done before high school took up a lot of her time.


The medallion necklace has the Salt Lake Temple in the background, with a beehinve at the bottom, with a ruby in the bottom center.  It's very beautiful!

We are so proud of Katie!  Way to go!!

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