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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Blondie!! 15 years!!

Miss Katie had her 15th birthday the other day, and she had such a great day!

Her seminary teacher made a cake for her .... one of her good friends brought a cake for her to school ... and I made a Dr Pepper cake for her. 

It was full of text messages wishing her Happy Birthday, her Young Woman leaders coming over to "kidnap" her and take her to Orange Leaf.  It was full of her birthday dinner of choice.. Bill Millers.  (I still can't believe we went there instead of eating steak like she normally does!).

For her birthday present, she picked out a Vera Bradley backpack... which had to be shipped to us because it was not in the stores.  Her other backpack broke ... so it was time for a new backpack!


She got an Oreo cake from her friend, and I made her a Dr Pepper cake (which she absolutely LOVES Dr Pepper... ), and I have to forewarn everyone that it does NOT taste anything like Dr Pepper!  It is just a glorified chocolate cake!

WHOA!  15 candles to blow out now!!

Katie is thinking about what she wants to wish for..


She blows...


..... and she blows...

and that sneaky daddy of hers lights more candles after she blows them all out!


Ahhh!  She's not done yet!  He lit up more!


Her poster was very cute.... in the middle is a picture of bagpipes (b/c she is a Scottish dancer)
and the caption reads "Katie!  You put the air in our bagpipes!"
and her Mia Maid friends all signed it!


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