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Saturday, February 9, 2013

and this little piggy ..... was shot

**** warning ****  dead hog pictures included!  Enter at own risk!!  *****

Back in November Mike took the girls to the cabin for a good 5-6 days.  Every night they went hunting ..... and one night they (aka ... Katie & Mike) was successful!

Hogs are wild down here in Texas, and they are EVERYWHERE.  They destroy so much, so typically property owners try to get an upperhand on reducing the amount of hogs that are wild.  Naturally... my family members do their part ... happily!

This one particular night, Katie managed to shoot a hog.  This is her second hog to shoot.  Notice I say the word "shoot".  She doesn't kill these animals.  I don't think she's ever killed an animal in her life (except for a cockroach or a spider, if you count those?).  She shot this hog in the butt.  THE BUTTOCKS. 

The hog squealed and squealed... and so naturally -- Daddy has to come to the rescue and put the poor hog out of his misery.  I mean.. his butt?  Poor hog!

Mike said the first thing out of Katie's mouth was "Is it bigger than Papa Rod's hog?"  My dad shot a hog when he took the girls hunting back in August last year.  Is this girl competitive or what?  The answer was yes... the hog was bigger than Papa Rod's. 



However.... the hog was very very sick.  Very diseased.  The smell was so incredibly bad .... so Mike didn't bother skinning it or doing anything with it.


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