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Monday, April 16, 2012

Bragging about Katie....

Let's take a day today and brag a little about Katie....

Katie works hard for good grades.  She studies for her test, but just like her momma, she generally doesn't do very well on tests that she studies for!  She took a test not too long ago (not studying..), and managed to get a 97% on it!  She was so proud of herself, she placed it on the fridge for all to see!  (Remember how our little ones would get SO proud their artwork would make the fridge?  This is TOTALLY how it was!)


Basketball finished up a month or so ago... we (she?) were sad it was over b/c she was really catching on to the game.  OK, I wasn't too sad it was over b/c the driving to pick her up from school was killing me on gas!!  But she had a GREAT season, and found something she is really good at!

Which brings us to this next picture.  There was a party for all the girls who participated in Basketball this year (she didn't know about it b/c she didn't get the announcement about the party) -- so imagine her surprise when she went to school and found out she won MVP/Most Hustle of all the girls on her team!!  I had to laugh b/c her trophy is a bobblehead.  Way to go Katie!!

Then the Color Guard of the High School came to the middle school and tried to show off what they can do in hopes of gathering some new recruits for the new school year.  Katie tried her hand at the flags, and several high school girls came up to her and said "please try out!  You're really good at this!"  She is still debating about trying out or not... basketball?  Color Guard?  Hmmm... decisions!

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