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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A party of fun...

Katie's best friend Madison celebrated her birthday in style this year!  Since she LOVES the Hunger Games .. her mom found a Groupon deal on archery for a party.  What an awesome idea!  Maddie was able to tag along as well, and everyone had such a blast!

everyone is lined up learning how to pull back the bow.




I'm so glad these two are best buddies... they are both so much alike they truly are like twins!
Everyone needs to have one very best friend in the world!


both Maddie & Katie did pretty well for the first time beginners!!
Me?  I only shot 5 arrows... and I made the board 3 times. The other two arrows flew elsewhere.

a few weeks ago Katie came to me saying excitedly "Mom!  I can now wink!!"  Poor girl has never been able to really wink ... especially without closing her mouth.   So this time I made the girls wink at me -- and Katie has her mouth open.  Ha ha ha!


Happy Birthday Miss Madison!!  Glad you shared it with us!

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