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Friday, April 20, 2012

I don't see it...

Lately ... it baffles me when I hear people comment on how much Katie looks like me.

Last year at school, one of Katie's friends told her she thought I was Katie's older sister!!  However, I don't see it...

Then several people I grew up with have commented on my Facebook pictures that Katie reminds them of me when I was that age.... I don't see it.

Then.. many people who meet Katie for the first time exclaim "Oh MY!!  She is your TWIN!  But with blonde hair!!"  Again... I don't see it.

Can you see it?  I sure don't!  And neither can Katie!

(picture of me when I was either a freshmen/sophomore/junior in high school)


  1. I see it! She has your smile and chin.

  2. She has your exact smile - I can totally see it! Both of you are gorgeous!

  3. yes the eyes and the smile.... : )

  4. Okay, in THOSE two pictures, I agree ... I don't see it either. However, if you look at your face NOW and her face NOW, I totally see it. It's all in the eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth. And for what it's worth, I think Maddie is more like you than Katie. :-) So funny what others see, huh?


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