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Monday, April 9, 2012

BFFs and a little sister

On Saturday night I had a photo shoot involving two toddler little girls with their parents.  So, naturally I drag my girls with me to act like monkeys behind my back and get the little girls to smile during the family part of the session!

We had gotten to the park a little early, and Katie's BFF was with us that day (Hi Madison!!  I know you read my blog now!  I get to embarrass you now!!) so naturally I dragged her along for the ride.

I love to do a quick photo session with my girl's BFF's.  I did one w/ Maddie &  her BFF Tressa before she moved.  It was a fun time for the girls to act crazy like they always do, and to frame that picture.

So, Katie & her BFF Madison posed for me... hilarious times. 




This "duck face" they're both showing is hilarious... "You are NOT a duck!" is what I'm constantly seeing on handmade meme's around the internet!


Then poor Maddie... she had my purse, my camera bag, her purse, Katie's purse, and Madison's purse.  All Vera Bradley too... (excet for my camera bag.. that's Jo's Totes!)


So she struck a Mary Tyler Moore pose and went crazy as well ....  silly child!


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