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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Day of School

Today ... my baby ... became a Kindergartner. :( I had been doing so well in these past few weeks of NOT thinking I was losing my baby to school. Today started off great. I took her pictures in front of the house like I had done w/ Katie this year and every other year when the first day of school rolled around. I walked Madison in to the school (at this time realized I had forgotten my camera -- so much for capturing her in school!), and took her to where she was to wait in line before the teacher came out to get the class. I realized then there were only 3 girls in the class -- the rest were boys. 15 boys to be exact. Maddie's going to have a lot of boyfriends (oh dear). Then, the dreaded moment. Mrs. Griner (her teacher) came out to greet the class. I quickly gave Maddie a hug goodbye and whispered the same little words I tell Katie every single morning "Do your best, make good choices and remember that I love you". She started leaving me! All the parents are frantically taking pictures as all the little kids are being shuffled into the classroom. Finally Maddie looked back at me, with a sad puppy dog look. I tried so HARD not to start tearing up ... then she disappeared. That's when the flood started. ::WAH:: Momma had a hard day realizing her little baby was growing up to be a big girl.

Madison had a great day at school. In fact, last May when I enrolled her, I enrolled her as Madison. The teachers heard me call her Maddie, and so they labeled everything w/ her name "Maddie". Madison did not like that one bit. In fact, she writes her name as Madison. SO ... I had to ask the teacher if it was possible to change from Maddie to Madison. :) LOL

Katie is having a great time in 4th grade. She has the same teacher as she had last year, Ms. Larson. Katie LOVES Ms. Larosn! So, Katie is thrilled to be back at school. I think she was getting tired of being home all the time.

Anyways .. here's that they have a great year ahead of them! Maddie will learn her "Popcorn" words (words that "pop" out in their reading, like "a" "the" "and", etc), learn to write and start to read. Katie will learn division this year, more reading, lots of writing and I think start geography this year.

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