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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our new digs!!

I'm at my parents' house, so I was able to upload some pictures of our new place, so you can get an idea of our new place! We're enjoying the apartment, and all the amenities the complex has to offer .... so far we haven't used anything (except the computer room and the playground), but we're excited for the warmer weather to come visit so we can use the pool & playground more often! Katie wants a volleyball now, so she can learn how to play volleyball (we have sand volleyball), and of course, she's been begging for tennis lessons. Uncle Wes is coming to visit on Wednesday night and is going to play tennis.

I enrolled the girls in their new school on Monday. I about fell over when I saw there was a FEE to be a part of this school district!! $80 dollars a year! GASP! That was just the learning resource fee. There is a $10 fee for something else, a $2 fee for each kid for weekly folders, a $5 for binders w/ daily journals. After I got them enrolled, I asked the secretaries more in depth about this $80 fee (which would be $160 total for us). They said it was broken down by quarters, but all was due upfront at the beginning of the year. Since spring break starts on Thursday, they only had 2 days left of 3rd quarter. I would have had to pay $40 per kid since they technically would've entered in during the 3rd quarter. They *suggested* not coming until after spring break, and save $40.00 ($20 a kid), so that is what we're doing. My girls are going to have a full two weeks vacation. Wished we were sitting on a beach somewhere... anyone want to invite us. :D

On to our apartment pics...
This is the first thing you see when you head up our stairs from the front door.
This is our living room w/ the dining room behind it (see the big clock)
This is the other side of the living room
Dining room
Giant bathtub that everyone loves to death.... (but no one wants to clean)

This is looking at my kitchen.

I now have the comments enabled so anyone can comment... please let me know if you're reading! Just add your name at the end of your comment. :)


  1. It's me popping in. Beautiful new place. Glad to see everything is working out.

  2. What a cute apartment! I love the bathtub!

    If I still lived near the beach I would totally invite y'all for a visit!!

    I am glad you are getting settled!

  3. what a cute place! And you are all unpacked and decorated! Nice work - :)

  4. WOW that apartment is huge. Bigger than any apartment I have lived in. Lucky.

  5. Love your new digs! What a nice apartment. Glad you were able to save some sweet moola by keeping the girls out of school an extra week!

  6. It looks beautiful. :)


  7. Way too cute! I love it, I wish our Apt in Hawaii was that big. I will be visiting the later part of April (had enough points with Continental-- might be my last trip alone with squirmy P-lady). Tell the girls we should have a girls night if they can stand moody teething Presley at your new apt.


  8. Cuteness! Oh.. the fees of public school... Every year I cringe on enrollment day. Once you pay all of the fees, yearbook, parking pass, so on... It really adds up!


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