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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happily Ever After Girls Camp 2012

I'm only ... 8 months late for this blog post...  :)

Although I am now serving in Young Womans, at the time of Girls Camp last summer, I was not.  I just went up for the day to bring girls to camp.  I had such a blast that first day, and was so excited for all these girls and the experience they were going to have!

I did not come up with ANY of these ideas.  I was just the photographer for the day ... but I loved all that was given to the girls, and put on display for the girls so they would have an enjoyable time.

The theme for the Girls Camp was "Happily Ever After".  Each ward had their take on the theme, and decorated their table.  This was how our wards table looked:


I loved these fake diamonds in the middle!


When they got to the camp, each girl had this at their place waiting for them (a bag, a crown and a bandanna for their head)
Each girl had a place to sit each day, and for their placemat, it was this
 (the opposite side was scrapbook paper).  At the end of camp, each girl wrote a message on the back of the placemat for the girl.  It was an amazing item to have!
I absolutely love that picture of Katie!
Their shirts for camp was this on the back.
The front basically said "Happily Ever After" Girls Camp 2012
The YW Presidency at the time worked super hard on little gifts for the girls..
and these were the gifts for them
  This was actually to be filled w/ candy at the table (like M&M's) each day...
 so they left it at the table
Because camp was in the beginning of July in Texas, it was boiling hot.  The girls got these little fan that squirts out water (it was kind of useless since it didn't work well)
Because they went to camp over the 4th of July, they got fun things for the 4th.  Including these glow in the dark necklaces to wear and these fantastic sunglasses!
This opened to a mirror ....
This was a pin they could wear at church...
.... and a bag they could hold all their gifts (which most ended up broken or lost)
I'm sure a lot of these were found at Oriental Trading, or the Dollar Store -- I know the 4th of July things were found at the $1 Target bin. 


  1. Wow , The young women's leaders went all out for that Girl Camp...

  2. So I am in Young Womens too and this kind of super, duper, over the top effort these leaders put into preparing for girls camp makes us all look bad! ; ) Wow is all I can say. They did such an amazing job, so cool!

  3. Perfect timing! I'm in charge of crafts and secret sister gifts for camp this year, and this is our theme! Any idea of where some of these trinkets came from, like the slippers and rings? I may still have time to order some stuff...

  4. Y'know Kelly.... not 100% sure. I will ask the Pres and find out .. but I think a lot of it was Oriental Trading b/c I saw a box and it had the name on it.

    1. Ah, yes. I searched OTC and I see a lot of those princess things. Thanks!

  5. LOVE camp shirts! Do you know who did it? Do you think they would share?


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