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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fundraisers... what a pain

Now that I am serving with the Young Women ..... we prepare for them to go to camp each summer.  This usually starts with a huge fundraiser. 

This year, a recipe book was done -- and we hosted a country themed dinner asking ladies of our church to bring in main dishes of the recipes they contributed to the cookbook.

I was over the decorations ... and Katie & her best friend Madison were under me.  They told me the colors that they wanted to use, went through Pinterest to find some country looking decorations, and took off with what we had.  We had $50 to spend. 

We spent $130 at least.  Oops.

But at least we got a bunch of the money back because we sold a bunch of the decorations after the fundraiser was over!

Burlap ... is a nasty word around here in our home.  I had gotten 10 yards from Hobby Lobby using a 40% off coupon, and two friends came over to help me cut those down to 1 yard square pieces for the table covers (that went over white tableclothes).  Then the remaining pieces went around mason jars, complete with a red and white gingham print ribbon around that.  We placed white, yellow and some type of green flowers in the mason jars, and added cheap babys breath.  It was beautiful!

Here are our fancy decorations. 


We actually bought all the stuff for this centerpiece (which we clearly didn't have the funds for, but we needed more decorations), then two of us tried to see if we could just buy it, and then my friend Jen came by and said "I'll buy it!"  So, problem solved!  However, I did absolutely love all this together!


My extremely talented friend Alyse made all these black silhouette pictures to go on the wall.  She's pretty amazing with her talent!




There's Miss Maddie w/ a vulture right next to her....  eeks!



I think I need to learn how to tie a bow right...


Above is Alex, who is adding in more babys breath to the flowers on the table

and the dessert table that was full of desserts made by the girls which were auctioned off!



  1. LOVE IT.. You and the girls did a great job...

  2. What a darling idea! With a small budget, you sure made everything look adorable!

    Joy from Mom it Forward


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