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Friday, February 7, 2014

Thanksgiving at the Cabin

We absolutely love Thanksgiving at the cabin.  It is so relaxing, a little cold, and we have lots of bonfires to sit in front of and watch the beautiful stars.

This year my parents & my brother & his family came down from Missouri to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.  We just bought a metal storage unit.... and like rednecks that we probably tend to be, they slept in there (complete w/ carpet and heating units to keep them warm!).  My parents slept in the cabin with us.

Before they arrived, Mike and I went to town (remember, we're kind of far from town... ) and bought half of our kitchen cabinets.  We both absolutely LOVE this style of cabinets, as it reminds us of what a cabin style cabinet should look like.  We'll add more to it later this year, but at LEAST.. I have a kitchen sink now, and I no longer have to do dishes in the bathtub or outside with the water hose.

Mike built new steps complete w/ a handy "hold on for your life" handlebars.  It is actually pretty cool.  He did it earlier, but he only put in maybe 3 steps, so it was more like rock climbing to our bed every night.  It had to go....

Mike loves riding around on our neighbor's John Deere tractor...

Maddie shot her first animal!  It was actually a 6 point buck.  Not bad for the first time Maddie!

Maddie 'n Liam loved playing together.....
They both are such hams.

While Maddie 'n Liam hung out together, Katie & Joshua were buddies.

Finally a picture any grandparent who only has 4 grandkids would love to have hanging on their wall.

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