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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

If you Where ....

The girls had their dance in McPherson a week and a half ago. Katie and Madison placed GREAT and did an awesome job! Katie had a few slip ups, but she placed two first places, one second place and one third place (and was disqualified from the last dance). Madison did three dances, and placed first place in all of them! Way to go girls!!

Katie has to write a poem every week, it appears. Her first one last week was this (I'm including the misspelling words too)

If You Where....
If you where a dolphin,
Would you die in a colfin?

If you where a pig,
Would you wear a wig?

If you where a chicken,
Would you eat chickenlicken?

If you where just you,
What would you do?

Her second poem this week .. and apparently it doesn't matter if it makes sense or not:

Rain is coming
Rain is splashing
I can hear my mother humming
Drip Drop the rain is hear
I just want to smere (smear?) the rain.

We leave this coming Friday night for St Louis. We'll be there until Sunday, enjoying the final Highland Dance Competition of the year on Saturday and enjoying our mini vacation on Sunday. Katie is still getting ready for her big play coming up in a week. She's so excited, and has informed me she has the most beautiful dress for her play. The school provides all the costumes, so we're excited to see her perform. She has all of her lines memorized. Katie also has been down w/ a bug ... I thought for sure it was strep after she had been complaining of sore throat, headache, stomachache for a few days. Last night I looked in her mouth and lo & behold I see the infamous markings of strep ... so I took her in to Urgent Care last night, and turns out it wasn't strep! I guess there's some horrible bug going around that mimics strep, but it isn't actually strep. The dr was very surprised as well b/c her throat was horrible. So, we're back to ibuprofen for her until she feels better.

The girls are also SOO into the new High School Musical 2 ... let me tell you that both Mike & I have the music coming out of our ears, and of course, we hear it in our dreams at night. The girls are sooo engrossed in this movie, and their music. Halloween is coming up, and Maddie wants to be Pippi Longstocking (got to figure this one out and how I'm going to do this) and Katie wants to be Hannah Montana ... ha ha ha! I wonder if they'll be something easier ... like a baby doll?

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