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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Mike had his birthday last week. The girls were sooo excited to prepare for their daddy's birthday. He was sent to Dallas for a few days for a class for his new job, and so the girls and I worked on their candy gram. Daddy loves candy... we think. :) Maddie was so eager to help me tape the candy bars to the foam board, that she started to take the wrapper off one candy bar. She thought we had to tape the actual bar to the board. LOL

Madison has been learning her "popcorn" words at school. So far she knows the word "the" and "a". I started to volunteer at her class once a week. I most likely will not be helping her, but her classmates with their words, recognition of letter, etc. She also learned about Mr. M and his munchy mouth, who loves marshmallows (and something else). Mr. N is the next letter, and he has a noisy nose. :) Maddie also has homework every night -- 20 minutes of reading in which I read to her for 20 minutes, at least until she is able to read on her own.

Katie has been learning about the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution of the United States. She's been learning about the Judicial branch, Executive Branch, and the Legislature Branch of the government. I've been helping her, so I'm also refreshing my memory of what is what in this subject. Her grade will be taking a trip this year or next year to Jefferson City to attend the capital. Both girls started before & after school clubs this week. Both girls are doing a walking club, math yoga & ballroom dancing. Katie is doing cheerleading (I'm sure Maddie will want to join soon ... I can just tell).

Another piece of exciting news ... Katie is going to be one of the lead "actresses" for her grade's play! Her play is called "Heartland Hoedown", and she plays the part of Krista. She has been busy memorizing her lines, and she is a true drama queen, let me tell you! That will happen on October 11th, a Thursday night, so it's coming up!! Grandparents, mark your calendars!

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