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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

...night at the arcade

We have this amazing money sucking place to go called Incredible Pizza. It's got pizza, salad bar, taco bar, potato bar, ice cream, etc there. They have different types of rooms where you can eat (hey, the Wiggles were showing in one room! I seriously wanted to eat there!), an old '50's movie in the "drive-in" room that had dimmed lights, and tons of party rooms. This is THE place to have a party, and it is THE place to lose a ton of money as well.

Both girls were invited to one of Maddie's best friend's birthday party. We love Lilly... she's so sweet and the perfect friend for Maddie. Maddie had been before, but Katie never had been, so was RARING to go! Here is their night:

Maddie & Lilly eating before playing

Maddie gets ready to ride by HERSELF

I told Katie which game spills the most tickets, and she ended up staying there for an HOUR. She made multiple jackpots & seriously.... won a ton of tickets (look at the pile on the floor!)
Not enough tickets for anything "cool" though

VroOm VrOOm
Funny story... (hey, I only make fun of my kids on my blog).... Maddie was racing, driving pretty slowly, and this turd of a dad w/ his little girl next to him clipped Maddie going around a curve, which sent her into a pile of tires, and a pile up occured behind her. I was SURE she was going to have whiplash, break out crying (b/c that's what she does...) or SOMETHING! Well, she did freak out, and started to put on a face like she was going to cry, but I just laughed at her, with the hopes of stopping her from even ATTEMPTING to cry. It worked like a charm. She started laughing. I gave that turd of a dad my evil eye when he walked past me. My evil eye is pretty evil. Y'all just have to take my word.

OK, guess the race car driving was too scary. Both girls decided to hit Mario Cart instead. Notice they can't move the seat up anymore?

Ahhh... my favorite game of all. Maddie & I hogged this one for the majority of the evening.


  1. Oooo that place sounds pretty cool!

  2. What an awesome place!!! I wanna play Mario Kart, too!!

  3. Fun!! I love incredible pizza. We had one next door to us at one of our apts in TX. That place is WAY better then chuckE Cheese! Looks like you will have the grandparents for the weekend. I bet the girls are excited:)

  4. I love skee ball!!


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