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Sunday, August 9, 2009

....writing on the windows

My girls are really enjoying their Crayola package we received from MyBlogSpark. I mean.... REALLY! Included in the package was Window Crayons. They love this stuff. Everyday they have been using it, drawing amazing pictures on my big French doors.
Miss Maddie had to go to the dentist one particular morning, and be sedated (due to her anxiety & freaking out over needles). Well, my heart broke for her and all her little struggles, so I let them break out the new Window Crayons. This is their story of their happy 15 minutes.
Forgive all the pictures... I was trying out my camera w/ the natural night (it's too dark, and when I enter light, it doesn't look right, so I left them dark), and I wasn't happy with it, but I still loved the pictures. :)

One last picture of my baby w/ her stiff, sore side of the mouth.

She didn't regain feeling for most of the day.


  1. THey look beautiful. I let my kids paint on the outside of our porch windows and then we hose them off. Gets the windows cleaned once a year or so, LOL.

  2. Poor kid, I understand all too well. The crayons look really cool, I may have to get some of those... for the kids of course, lol. Do they clean of easily?

  3. Those are such cool markers!

  4. those are pretty cool crayons! Poor little Maddi, her picture makes my mouth hurt:( PS-- I cant beleive how long your girls hair is. Its so pretty

  5. It looks like a ton of fun! I will have to get my boys some.


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