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Monday, November 8, 2010

It's a fact!

Fact: I cut my hair. Had a rough few days with it. Finally had a good hair day on Sunday. I think I'll keep it as long as it keeps giving me good hair days.

Fact: Maddie doesn't move at all when she sleeps. Literally.

Fact: Katie goes to bed with her socks on. When she runs out of socks or when I change the sheets, we find all her socks..... at the bottom of the bed.

Fact: Just realized Maddie does the same thing.

Fact: I love it when my kids are asleep. They don't: roll their eyes, backtalk, become a smart allec (how do you spell that?), or fight with eat other. It's quiet! Just the way I like it!

Fact: None of us girls can't stop saying to Mike "so, did you catch anything?" when we ask him if he shot anything while hunting. The answer... yes, he "caught" a buck. Last Saturday. Finally, a good smiling picture of him. It has been brought to my attention that we finally have a good smiling picture of him with (of all things)... a deer. Not his kids (b/c he just sticks his tongue out at the camera), but a deer. A deer brings a smile to his face. ::rolling eyes:: Poor Bambi

Fact: I used to love it when my dad brought home a deer to slaughter. That meant I got to hold the head when they cut it up.

Fact: No one knew that about me... now they do. (again, thanks to my dad who spilled the beans first on my facebook page)

Fact: I hate venison. I told Mike to give the meat away to everyone he saw before he came home. He didn't listen to me.

Fact: I will only eat meat from the following: chicken, turkey and cows. No, not fish, or anything that swims or lives in water. Nor anything else that moves. It's a mind thing.... I blame my dad. He wouldn't eat it, and since daddy's know best, I did the right thing by following his example.

Fact: I get really nervous every time I do a photoshoot. I always think my pictures aren't going to turn out.

Fact: My rooster's name is now Brewster. Thanks Dad for the suggestion. Even if he's not really a rooster.

Fact: I think Bill Engvall is the funniest guy ever. Here is one of my favorites of him... my girls and I laugh over & over & over again.


  1. great idea for a post!
    Fact~ I enjoy reading your blog....

  2. I like your post too:) I so wouldn't want the dear either--LOL.. But good for Mike! And where are the pics of the new hair?? And I love it when my girls are sleeping too..


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