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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just Mommy & Maddie

Last weekend, Katie & Mike went to our property and went hunting for 4 days. Pure bliss, they tell me. OK... if sitting in a tree for 3 hours in the cold is bliss, then whatever floats their boat, y'know?

However, Maddie & I? We had a blast together. This kid talks... a LOT! She's normally a very quiet little gal, but take away her sister and you'll see that she talks nonstop. I was a little rattled. But I loved it!

Since Halloween was last weekend, and I had that picture shoot for our church on Friday night, we made up for our lost time on Saturday. So, we did what any other girls do. GO SHOPPING!

But first.. we had manicures. Well, it actually started that Maddie wanted a manicure. I was against it. "It's a waste of money... " {she was paying for it, not me} But, it was going to go w/ her Halloween outfit, so I said "OK..." While she was getting hers done, I decided "wow, that looks like fun!". I had never had a manicure done before, so before I knew it, I was sitting in the chair with my fingers in a bowl of water with rocks. ROCKS?! Why rocks? I dunno.... But now I'm sold on manicures! My nails & cuticles look... so awesome!

I had to choose between a million colors. Geez... finally I decided to step out of my element and go for something I've never gone for before. Dark brown. Chocolate brown. DELICIOUS! I have to say, that I LOVED it! I shot a picture of our nails (Maddie chose purple), and I got the reply back from Katie "uh, why did you pick that color?" and "Dad wants to know if you're going Goth now".

Later that night, after enjoying a salad at Wendy's and a Target shopping trip, Maddie got ready for our church's annual Trunk or Treat activity. Basically, kids walk in a parking lot to all the people we know, who are standing at their trunks of their vehicles, and they ask for candy. Then we go home, and it's over in 45 minutes. LOVE IT!

One thing about Halloween is that I refuse to spend money on costumes. $40 costumes, to be exact. We've always tried to do homemade costumes, or at least, use things at home and if I have to go to the dollar store to help it out, then I will. So Maddie went as a Spa Princess. We had an unfortunate time trying to find blue or green face paint so she could have a mask, so I decided that she could just put on makeup since rich people get the spa treatment all the time... and they all get fancy. {maybe not true, but for the sake of this story and for my little girl who wasn't all that thrilled w/ how her costume was going, the thought of wearing makeup was enough to get her going}. She got the full treatment in makeup. Happens only once a year.

And as usual, we had a short 5 minute photoshoot with her Halloween outfit... she definitely looks like a mini-socialite! I love her expressions. Which are NORMAL for her!

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  1. She definitely looks like a princess! All that is missing is a tiara. Love you! G'ma Deb


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