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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Picture Fun

At church, we have a group for us wannabe photographers. We call ourselves "Pic Chicks". It's a great group! We have a lot of fun together! My great friend Mandi hosted this month's gathering... and we did a Fall Harvest theme, but with kids! She had a yummy display of soups & rolls, and everyone brought a yummy fall treat. She bought everything to create a display of hay bales (which by the end of the night, I started calling them "hales"), flowers (b/c my loser mums died on me a week ago... didn't I tell you I just can't keep flowers alive?!), Indian corn, and fun pumpkins. I had a cute apple basket and bought apples along. We set up a gorgeous fall setup.

Then we took pictures.

The point was to take pictures of our kids, especially if we didn't get school pictures (like me). Problem? Kids are having TOO much fun playing.

Maddie was a big ol' party pooper for me. But, I managed to grab a few cute pictures. Editing isn't done just yet, but I'm kind of tired of editing for the moment.

Since the idea behind the whole night was for us photographers to practice our skills out on other kids (or our own)... AND let the parents take pictures of their own as well, here are a few other cute ones I captured.

Mandi ordered this amazing huge balloon... but sadly we hardly got ANY pictures with it! This is the ONLY picture I have. Course... one little boy played with it, and promptly let it go and awwwwayyyyyyy it went to outer space.


  1. I am so jealous! Can I be in your ward? Out here it seems like lots of competition. I only have one friend who's every been willing to just do fun pics with us both using our cameras and stuff. Even then, we've only done it once. You're awesome!


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