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Friday, October 1, 2010

boycotting school pictures

I remember picture days at school growing up. My mom curled my hair, dressed me up in a dress (the only time I would wear a dress to school)... and just pray & hope that my picture would turn out. When the pictures came in, she would either find out that A) I royally messed up my hair at recess or B) well... I think there isn't a B because the hair part is mostly the biggest pain. My friends & I used to exchange the bajillion wallet sized pictures we used to get. It was awesome.

Today is picture day at Maddie's school. I used to plan in advance for this big day! I used to make sure my girls had a cute outfit, their hair was curled or done just right. Until last year.

Last year it was the last straw when it came to school pictures. I was tired of paying $15 for the smallest package there was, and it only came with a 5x7 and 4 wallets. You *MIGHT* get a little more... if you were lucky. What a ripoff. I mean... if a package comes with two 5x7's, and you want one, obviously... what happens to the other two sets of grandparents who might want a 5x7?! Yeah, um..... sorry, this year you get the 5x7 and next year, the other grandparents get the 5x7?!

Plus if you saw the picture that Katie had, you would've thought a chimpanzee took the school pictures. The coloring was SO bad (let's talk about orange faces.... yeah, her face was orange!) & I think they snapped the picture right when she sat down on the chair... complete with a look as if she's about to start saying "CHEESE". I said "that's it... no more school pictures".

Sadly, I also realized over the year, that a lot of my friends are feeling the same way that I feel. "Oh, school pictures? Yeah, we don't do them.... I take my own pictures b/c I actually do a better job than the people Lifetouch hires..... WITH my point & shoot!!" Yes, said by multiple friends. Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes Lifetouch does a great job, but whatever company Katie's school used (it wasn't Lifetouch), they were Baaaaad! (said by a goat).

So, this year, I'm saving my $30-50 I would normally spend on school pictures, and I will be taking my own. I can print them for cheap at Sam's. And they will be exactly what I want them to be. No more bad hair days. No more disheveled looks in the school pictures. No more frowns in our school pictures. I'm boycotting school pictures. I will, however, buy the class picture. That's a must... :)

Until then, here's a picture of my two cute blondies at the park.


  1. We have the same issue here. The last straw was when I ordered the CD so that I could print out pictures in any size and email and whatnot; only I had to photoshop the whole thing. Pip was way off-center and it was so dark you couldn't see her face. Pictures were taken in early Sept., it took till mid Dec. and lots of emails and phone calls to the company to even get Momma's Boy's CD. I can take better pictures than that and I am a chimpanzee picture taker.

    Whoops, sorry. This was suppose to just be a comment and not a soapbox. lol

  2. I am also boycotting school pictures this year as well.

  3. I started boycotting last year. We get family pics every fall so I just make sure to get individuals of the kids.

  4. I think thats a great idea! I hate organized pictures anyways, they never turn out. Hey, when you are in KC in Nov can you take a quick photo of my fam for our christmas card?? Your camera is better then mine:)

  5. You bet Marcie! I have a few friends lined up who wants a photo session done anyways, so it'll all work perfectly! :)


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