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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

what happens when it's sunny....

What happens when it's sunny out, very few clouds in the sky, and NONE of them look like a rain cloud?

Why, it pours!!

see how blue the sky is??

Every single day this week, we've had these weird mini showers every afternoon. Sky is bright blue, beautiful white clouds are in the sky, and none of them are dark gray indicating rain.

The smell of rain is an intoxicating smell to me. I love it. Wish I could bottle it up. In fact, every single time it starts to rain, I rush outside and take a giant big whiff. I miss a good old midwestern thunderstorm. THOSE are the best!


  1. those picture remind me of Oklahoma...

  2. I don't know I kinda think blue sky down pours might top our storms. It's beautiful!

  3. If you find a way to bottle that smell, you'd be a millionaire! Love the pictures. So pretty.


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