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Thursday, September 9, 2010

these pink shoes

These shoes have been the source of many arguments in our house.

I just bought these cute pink shoes for Maddie for school. A day after I bought them, she wrote with a Sharpie (black) marker: (heart) Taylor == on the left shoe, and (heart) Lautner == on the right shoe. On the top white part of her shoes. In big letters.

My poor dad saw me blow a fuse. I mean, I REALLY blew a fuse! So, I set out attempting to take the ink off with nail polish remover, which got a majority of it off, and my dad managed to somehow get the rest of it off by rubbing the white part.

That was fight #1.

Fight #2 was when Maddie wore her shoes (that same day as fight #1) and since they were big on her.... she now said "they're too small." GRR! I was so stinking mad! First she told me they were just right (I could push a full thumbprint in between her big toe & the end of her shoe), and now they were TOO small! And "can you take them back?" and "I don't want them anymore." Kill me now.

Well sweetheart, no, Mommy can't take them back because YOU WROTE HEART TAYLOR AND HEART LAUTNER ALL OVER IT!

Fight #3 was when we went to our property last weekend, and she conveniently "forgot" her regular tennis shoes. Brand new shoes... are now dirty new shoes. Dusty.


Wonder when fight #4 is going to happen with these shoes? I do love my Maddie Moo though...


  1. Taylor??? You tell miss M that Edward is better--LOL:) I am rolling over this post. So typical of kids!

  2. Welcome to the life with a teenager daughter . Hey is Maddie 13 yet?

  3. Ahhh girls...I can't say I look forward to when my girls are that old.

  4. Ha, sounds like our house...minus the ♥ Taylor ♥ Lautner bit lol.

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