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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

calling all barbie lovers!

As a little girl, I loved Barbies. Never mind, make that Barbie. I only had one. But, it was the most loved Barbie of all time. My mom made dresses for Barbie and I wished for Ken to be by her side. But then Cabbage Patch Kids came to the scene, and there went my love for Barbie. Darn those Cabbage Patch Kids!

Then I had two little girls. I grabbed my Barbie doll that fit into its case along with all the outfits my mom made for it. And I introduced her to Katie... when she was little. She fell in love. Birthdays & Christmases later, she had about .... oh... I'd say ... about 30 Barbie dolls? Yeah, that little butt. Spoiled rotten butt.

Miss K fell out of love with Barbies, and that is when Miss M fell in love with Barbies!! Oh my! She had (and still has) an intense love for all things Barbie! and Ken! and Skipper! In fact, she stopped playing with them a few years ago, so I bagged them up and took them back to my mom's house. She found them ... and started playing with them again.

When the movies of Barbie came out years ago, I bought them for my girls. I loved them. Loved them all!! I loved how the music was classical music, and the storylines were traditional folk stories..... and Barbie herself was just a sweet little gal. My girls were in LOVE!

Then one day I get an email in my inbox from MomSelect. "Hey Amy..... you interested in watching & reviewing this new Barbie movie?" ((OK, totally paraphrasing, and they didn't use my name)), but I jumped on it and said "YES!"

The movie was sent to us, we watched... and sighed. Big smiles all around on Maddie's face. We loved it. Miss M is a total die hard Fashion Diva. This movie was perfect for her!

What did I love? I love that it was set in Paris! I loved the theme of the movie: to NEVER give up... and hard work always pay off! Basically, the story is about Barbie helping her aunt, whose fashion house is about to be shut down by someone evil.... and with the help of special friends, they work together and find ways to save her aunt's fashion house!

Maddie's review: "My funniest part was when Ken split his underwear.... with hearts on it." So there, you have it from the mouth of an 8 year old! Wanna see Ken's underwear?! See this movie!

Many thanks MomSelect!!! Also, Maddie LOVES playing on Barbie's website, they have tons of games to play! Check it out!


  1. P LOVES all things barbie too:) She LOVES the movies as well. When you come to KC in Nov bring the movie with you, my girls would love to watch it.


  2. This is so funny that you blogged about this today. In the car while I was driving Dustin to work we were talking about getting some Barbie movies because Kyla is really starting to like Barbies now. This I see your post. Now I know which one to check out! :)


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