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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

pictures on canvas

My newest project I am going to be working on is an amazing one!! I saw on a blog (somewhere) how this gal took a ton of her little pictures and mod podge'd it all to canvas. I thought... I CAN DO THAT!!

So I did!

I used the cute pictures I snapped of the girls a few weeks ago (since I finally was agreeing they were worthy to be enlarged & hung on our wall... I'm such a picture snob).

::front view::

I painted the outside edges in front, on the side, and in the back the color I wanted to coordinate with what room that picture is going to. ::total sidetrack story:: The color pictures, were free, from Walgreens.... but I used too much saturation among other things that I totally goofed on (like not uploading the larger file, and uploaded the small file so it's not as nice)... anyways, THOSE pictures are going in the girls room, which is a lime green & pinkish color. I practiced on those first before I went on to the larger sizes. ::end of sidetrack story::

After I painted the edges, I took matte Mod Podge and liberally applied it all over the front of the canvas. Then, I turned my picture so it's facing down, and applied more on the back of the picture. Then, I laid it down on my canvas (so the picture is where it's supposed to be). I made sure all bubbles were out of the way, and it was lined up perfectly.

After that was done, I had to apply Mod Podge again to the tops, and the sides of my picture & canvas. I let it dry for a bit (translation.... set aside and let dry for a day or so).

::side view::

I.LOVED.it!! I'm now planning on doing more for my living room, but in black & white pictures. I'm going through the pictures now that I just absolutely love when the girls were little & growing up....

However! Do not... I repeat... DO NOT place the canvas facing each other (like say if you want to take these pictures to show off to your co-workers.. and then realized "oh, they're stuck!" b/c they WILL get stuck!). So now, there are some white spots on my colored pictures. Bummer!


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