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Monday, October 11, 2010

Miss Maddie's review

Last week I went to have a visit with Maddie's teacher. I absolutely LOVE her teacher. To death. She is every bit of a teacher I have always hoped my girls would have a chance of having. I remember my teachers, some were really dull... boring... not fun... mean... strict.... and I don't remember them fondly. But Maddie's teacher.. amazing!

First thing out of her mouth was that Maddie was a sweetheart. The next thing she said really surprised me... she's very social. VERY social. Who would've thought our Miss Maddie was a social butterfly?! Not me! She's so quiet! Especially away from home! She did say that most of the kids in the class were all very social. So, she has to make desk changes and rearrangements on a daily basis... sometimes several times a day!

Then, she said she can't win either when it comes to changing everyone around. She thought she had a winner w/ the Boy/Girl/Boy/Girl setup, but she said everyone's friends, and it was like a "oh, HI Jesse! How was your summer?!" kind of situation. With everyone!

So, Maddie's doing well in all her subjects. A's in everything. She is also becoming a great leader! She said a few weeks ago she wasn't feeling well, and put on a video for the kids to watch. While it was being shown, Maddie got up and did the sorting that needed to be done for the class, without being asked. The teacher said she was super impressed by that.

She told me about the little gift Maddie bought her. (it was post it notes from the dollar section at Target). I told her the story behind that gift. Maddie went with me to Target the night before. She told me she just HAD to get those post it notes for her teacher b/c she just couldn't handle the class.... and that those notes would help her out. Hmmm... OK? Well, she bought it, wrapped it up all by herself, with a very pretty homemade card, and was so proud to give it to her. She truly does think the world of people, even if it's not 100% the problem what they're suffering with...

She also explained more in detail about "the note". Yeah, that love note. She took it out of the boy's hands after she asked him about it (he hid it), and he gave it to her. She read it, and thought "oh, how can I take this from him? It was the cutest thing ever!"... so she gave it to Katie. She said the little boy is absolutely in love with Maddie. When she talks to him, or looks at him, he stares at her with a smile on her face. She separated them that very day. ::giggling::

All in all, our baby is doing well. Very smart, very well liked by all her friends. All in all, she's a happy camper!

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  1. mom that is not happend to the note so here is the story. ms. wimberley took it out of williams hand and then seperated us and then she said maddie there is a note for you from william and then i read it and my bfffffffffffff was right behind me and she read it and stood up to william and said why did you write that to maddie?????????? maddie


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