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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Name my rooster....

I have been searching for the perfect rooster for YEARS!

Mike went out of town, and I took the day off (had to get some stuff done) and I went to Home Goods and found THE ROOSTER! Almost of my dreams! He matches my kitchen perfectly. I have to laugh b/c I played a trick on Mike. I texted him "hey!! I bought a rooster!" He texted back "WHAT?!!!" and then another text came from him "explain yourself."

But I need a good name. Rory the rooster? Bert the rooster? KFC?

You tell me..... what's a good name for this guy?

He's got a nice right side.... and he matches nicely with my yellow plate stand.

Doesn't he have great legs? I love 'em!

And he's got a purdy left side too!

On second thought, I just realized I'm still on a lookout for a rooster.
This thing is a chicken!

Oh well... I'm going to pretend he's a rooster.

Name ideas?


  1. Well, I like him and you can name him Boo Boo Chicken after Donald Ducks' chicken....

  2. I think "Brewster the Rooster" has a nice ring to it.....

    or if you're looking for a macho sound, how about "THE ROOST"???


  3. I love roosters!!!! I have a few in my house.....

  4. I love him, love him, and am jealous! Russell the Rooster? Cock of the Kitchen? Percival?

  5. Maybe he is in disguise for Halloween? I like Brewster the rooster too, lol.


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