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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why Amy is absent....

Well, my poor blog is really being neglected!!  I have so many pictures to share.. stories to tell.... and I don't want to let too much time lapse, but we do have busy happenings going on over here!

The first one is that we are buying a house!  After four years of renting here in San Antonio (we just got too comfortable staying in the same home, and after moving TWICE in ONE year, moving isn't really our favorite thing to do ...  we even tried to buy the house we are living in, but the owner wants too much money for it...), we are MOVING again!  We kind of had major stipulations when we started looking (which the decision to buy a house and find a house all happened in 4 days, literally).  We had to stay in our church ward (we're near the dividing lines), we had to stay in the school district (again, we're on the dividing lines there too).... so we found a house in our neighborhood, which we love anyways.  The area that we live in is a really super nice part of San Antonio, and we have mega million dollar homes surrounding us all over, so our property is a little high.  We could go to other parts of SA and get a much bigger home for the same amount of money, but we love this area & we promised the girls we wouldn't take them out of their comfort zone ... this is THEIR time.  SO....we sign on our house this week, and demolition begins!

I say demolition b/c it is very outdated... and since Mike is a pretty handy guy, we will have hardwood floors in some rooms, an updated kitchen, new toilets... etc etc etc.  The girls have already picked out their colors for their rooms, (Katie pale light blue/teal and Maddie hot pink -- yikes!), and I'm looking forward to my walk in closet!

Funny enough, we're only moving two blocks away.  So, the girls and I will be moving every night == load up my SUV, take it to the new house, and unpack. Repeat. 

We're so excited to see my dad come into town to help Mike out for the week after we close!  He offered to come down to help Mike, and we are so grateful for the extra help.  There is only so much I can do ..... (can't you tell I'm no help when it comes to the cabin?)!  I am a superb "bring the man his water or lemonade" girl!  The girls are super excited Papa Rod will be here as well! 

Another big news in our life is that I got a job!  Wahoo!  So far I'm enjoying it, and I love the people I work with.  I kind of wished it didn't start until the girls started school, but oh well.. we had a fantastic summer!

School starts tomorrow ... Maddie has her teacher that she wanted.  She was in the deaf/hard of hearing class last year (her elementary school is the one that all the deaf kids in the district attend so all the kids are in one school).  She absolutely LOVED being in this class last year, and has learned sign language.  She wanted to continue in fifth grade, and I requested that she get in this class again, and she got it!  Probably doesn't hurt that one of her BFF's is also in this class too!  This is her final year in elementary school, and I'm wondering if I should shed tears that this is her final year?  Nah... I will probably shed tears on her last day of elementary school! 

Katie starts high school tomorrrow.  Maybe I should be shedding tears then?  I tell you.... they're not kidding when they say "don't blink b/c your babies will grow up so fast before your eyes!"  It's TOTALLY TRUE!!  But, she is nervous & excited at the same time.  She has all the classes she wanted, and a great lunch period (not at the end of the day or at the beginning of the day!).  She has all the colors of the rainbow pants (I'm serious... cobalt blue, nectarine, mint green, sea green/blue, white ... and I'm sure I'm missing some colors), so she's dying to get this party started! 

Katie has decided she wants to become a nurse after high school, which I totally am for.  I wanted to be a nurse, but didn't.  I love that the school here offers classes that she can take that will help go towards her nursing degree and give her a head start, and her first class that she is able to take she got!  If she chooses, when she is either a Junior or a Senior, she can take classes to become a licensed pharmacy technician.. and they get paid good!  Good side job money for a teenager/college kid! 

Anyways, life is busy over here... but I'll keep taking my pictures and eventually one day my blog will be up to date!


  1. Whew! Is does sound like you have been busy. I've been absent from my blog too. Getting really busy again. I can't wait to see what Mike does with you house. I have loved watching the cabin evolve.

  2. so excited to see more pictures of your new home....

    Oh and congrats on your new job... : ) Where are you working at?


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