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Monday, September 3, 2012

First day of school!

This year Katie started HIGH SCHOOL!!  Man alive!  I have a high schooler!  Makes me so sad and wish there was a way to reverse the growing process! 

These pictures were taken at 7 a.m. ... and already Katie was busy on her phone texting.  ::rolling eyes::

She & her BFF Madison are really into dressing like twins -- so they bought matching outfits.  This is one of them..



Maddie starts FIFTH grade this year!!  This is her last year in elementary school, and I'm not looking forward to the last day of school when she does her final walk through the school.  I'll be crying behind her.


I always try to do a full length picture, with an up close picture ..... and sibling pictures!




This picture just kills me.... can you see how much Maddie grew in a year?  According to the doctors office, Katie only grew 1/2 inch, so Maddie really grew leaps & bounds in one year!


This final collage just kills me ... these were all I could find on my blog & on Facebook, but see how much they have grown over the years?  I'll be off crying in the corner... wondering how in the world they were allowed to grow up before my eyes.   So proud of these blondies of mine!


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  1. You have a high schooler!!! That is just so crazy. I love those pictures of the girls on their first day of school. So fun!


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