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Monday, September 24, 2012

Before & after of a few rooms....

So, we moved into a house a few weeks ago.  Mike pretty much remodeled the entire house in 10 days .... I have a new kitchen, Katie has a newly painted room, and Maddie has a new room completely .. and we can't forget the girls' new bathroom that has completely been remodeled.  My dad came out for a week to help (thanks Dad!) and we've had other helpers as well ... can't thank everyone enough!  More blog posts coming up about the entire journey in the near future! 

Just a side note that NOTHING is up on the walls yet .... it's not fully clean & it's cluttered (b/c I'm still trying to figure out what goes where .... ) -- but everyone's been begging for pictures, so here are a few rooms to satisfy some people!

Here are some before & after pictures!

Katie's Room
This room was a forest green color.  We had to primer it, paint it, add a new ceiling fan, new blinds.  To do still... decorate her walls, and paint her side table & bed black.
The Girls Bathroom
This bathroom was horrible.  Carpet in the bathroom?  Gag.  The sink was SUPER low, and a huge mirror covered the wall.  Mike tore everything out except the tub, and replaced the floor, toilet, vanity, wall stuff, repainted the bathroom and hung up the pictures.  This is the ONLY room in the house that is fully decorated!
(the mirror is dirty, not cracked!)
Maddie's Room
(formerly the formal dining room)
This was the formal dining room.... since the house had 2 bedrooms, and we needed three .. and since Mike loves buying homes cheaper and remodeling it... he changed this room into a bedroom for Maddie.  It has a super small closet, but apparently by the looks of her closet, she doesn't use it much for clothes anyways. 
He took those doors out, patched up the wall there since it led to the kitchen, boarded up a wall in the hallway, added a closet, ceiling fan, rearranged the electrical, my dad painted the room super bright pink, added a chair rail, and Maddie is super happy w/ her room!  We just shut her door when people come over since it's the first room they see when they walk in the door.  It's SUPER bright!
To do still: add closet doors, decorations, etc.
The Living Room
Mike took out the carpet, repainted the walls (actually, the entire HOUSE got repainted), and added new floors.

The Kitchen



Mike took out those hanging cabinets that are over the kitchen sink, carried them over to the other side of the dining room (which is no longer the dining room), added more cabinets, new countertops, new sink, faucet, closed up that doorway that led to Maddie's room, etc... new lights .... 




We are planning on tearing down the wall where that window on the right is (you can't really see it) .. it will lead to our dining room, which is in the sunroom. Still to do:  get a stove.  Trying to find the RIGHT stove ... so I'm stuck w/ that ancient 1980 stove.  Bleh.  Hopefully we'll find the right one soon!  He also needs to start on the tile work in the kitchen, add a bar (to the counter).  If I had my way in the beginning, those kitchen cabinets would be a different color, but they're not. Something about lack of time .... they're growing on me....


  1. great house... : ) I know your family is going to be so happy living there....

  2. Nice! Things are looking really good. Glad you are getting all settled now.

  3. You guys have been working like dogs!! I am super impressed. It all looks so cute. . . I really love the new wood flooring!


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