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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

{I Can't Sing.. I Can't Dance}

Today I tried out the Zumba class at my exercise place.

I remembered doing some Salsa dancing from my high school dance class, and thought "oh, it'll be so easy". Combine that with doing some salsa classes on the cruise I went on two years ago with my mom & grandma. I thought "I've got it in the bag".

Apparently NOT!

Our teacher was a 60-some year old woman. I didn't know if she was coming or going. She kepts saying "move your bottom, shake it out". All I kept thinking was "well, my bottom is moving all on its own ~ I don't have to shake it out!"

Like they say that white men can't jump. White girls can't salsa.

All the white gals in my class looked horrible trying to salsa. All the hispanic gals looked fabulous. They knew just how to display their arms & hands, how to move them, and how to shake shake shake that bum. Yep, white girls can't salsa.


  1. I love it!! I have felt the same way in some of my aerobic classes.

  2. i went to a HIP HOP class. I felt the same way you did at your salas.!
    At least your tried.:)

  3. ya, not a fan of everything shaking, and not in a good way...but...if you're having a good time, go for it!


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