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Friday, July 10, 2009

{bangs... and a new lens}

For my birthday, I bought myself a new camera lens with my birthday money. I LUV it! I used Katie as a quick prop to try it out... here you can see her new bangs.
(that was for Aunt Marcie, Aunt Tiffany & Grandma N so they can see the bangs!)

Course, I tilted the camera WAYYYYY too.... something. So, for your enjoyment, I am uploading it for your neck pleasure in the way you find most pleasing. Either tilt alllll the right to the right, or tilt allllll the way to the left. Your choice!

Next time, I won't tilt so.... far.


  1. They look soooo CUTE!! She looks really grown up. I cant believe how old she is starting to look. Scary-- that makes me feel old. hahah. But tell miss katie she looks super adorable!

  2. So, what type of lens is it? Telephoto?...

  3. OH i want a new camera.
    Cute pictures.


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