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Thursday, July 9, 2009

{love comes softly}

Last weekend I sat on our couch, flipping through all the channels we have (and we have TOO many!). I found the Hallmark channel, and saw that it was a pioneer type of movie. So, I started watching it. Katie soon joined me, and we watched the entire movie. It was SO good! So clean! So wholesome! So unlike anything we see on TV these days!

Then, we saw the advertisement for more movies like this one that was running ALL day Saturday. So, I DVR'd all the movies. All 7 of them! Sadly, we missed the very first movie.

What movies am I talking about? Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly series. My mom brought me some of these books home from the library to read when I was a teenager, and I read a few, but then I think I grew tired of them.... can't remember why I didn't finish them? Maybe b/c it was such a huge series? I dunno.....

Every night this week, we've managed to watch one movie (one night we watched two). I'm kind of sad now that I deleted them after we watched them. This is in order the movies we watched (OK, it's not in order... I can't remember which was first, next, etc):
Love Comes Softly
Love's Enduring Promise
Love's Long Journey
Love's Unending Legacy
Love's Abiding Joy
Love's Unfolding Dream
Love Takes Wing
Love Finds a Home

Yes, they were cheesy. Yes, we noticed they started using the same houses & small pioneer towns for the backdrops of the movies (which are supposed to take place all over the US). Katie & I laughed & giggled as the dashing young man came into sight, to catch the sight of the beautiful young girl...... and long story short, there was always a marriage at the end of each movie. But, all in all, great story lines, great romance (OK, cheesy romances), and I wished they would quit changing all the actresses with each movie! AUGH! Not to mention our lingering questions "what happened to Jeff? Where's Cookie? Why is Belinda wearing a blonde wig? She was a dark brunette with a cute smile! Why is she SOOO cross? and mean?" Were any of the old pioneer men good looking like they were on the movies? 'Cuz they sure don't look good looking in those old time photos we see in everyone's picture albums of their relatives who don't smile. They look cross. Mean.

Just a few things we were thinking out loud while watching....

Tonight we finished the last movie. Katie laughed b/c it has Hayley Duff in it. She thought that was way cool! What made us laugh even harder, was at the end of the movie, the production was SOO cheap, the father of the new baby walked away, proudly showing off his doll. NOT a real baby! Oh, that was hilarious.

I casually mentioned to Katie if she liked those movies (she's really loving the pioneer stuff lately), then Little House on the Prairie might be cool to watch. She said, "Oh... uhmmm... no thanks".


  1. I watched some of these! I really liked the couple that I saw. Cheesy, but cute. I was totally bugged by Belinda's wig. I couldn't stand how obviously it was!

  2. I have never heard of "Love Comes Softly ". But i am such a Little House on the Prairie FAN! :)

  3. We own 'Love Comes Softly', way cheesy but it's such a feel good movie. (Even Ambrose liked it!) My MIL owns some of the other movies but we haven't watched them yet. I've got to check Netflix and see if I can instant play them on the Roku or the computer...... Thanks for the reminder.


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