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Sunday, July 19, 2009

{Fiesta Texas}

Yesterday we tagged along with some friends to Six Flags (aka Fiesta Texas). Maddie's best friend Lilly & her mom have season passports, which came with a coupon book letting them bring friends for free!! So, armed with the coupons the girls got in school for a free pass to Six Flags, and my free ticket, and Katie's best friend Vanessa.... we hit the park.
This was going to be the first time that Madison would be able to ride the "big rides". Yep... she didn't have to ride JUST the kiddie rides anymore. Last year Katie rode her first big ride with me & her Uncle Dan at Sea World. It freaked her out BIG time. She started screaming in the middle of the ride "GET ME OUT OF HERE!" and "STOP!!" So, I really didn't anticipate her wanting to ride much of anything either, except for the kiddie rides. Which barely leave the ground. However, I did have a secret trick up my sleeve. Her friend Vanessa.... and it worked! She rode on more roller coaster rides!
The first ride we came to was an all wooden plank roller coaster. That was Maddie's first and last roller coaster ride. She sat with me, and not her best friend. She clinged for dear life (and I mean that literally). You should have seen the picture they snapped of us at the end. Her facial expression, body expression, and my facial expression telling her to "LET GO" was priceless. Not priceless enough to pay the $19.95 price tag to get a copy of it though. Needless to say, she was our bag holder & drink holder the rest of the day and waited at the exit gate while we rode our rides.
We did make it to MY favorite world....
I love the Wiggles. Maddie told me "Mom, don't tell anybody, but I still love the Wiggles". So, we waited for a mini show to start, and the girls went on a few rides to please Maddie, since they were kiddie rides.

Here the girls are waiting for the Big Red Car ride...

I just LOVE tormenting Katie on making her go with her sister while I watch from the sidelines!
Yeah, she's really thrilled.

After the Big Red Car ride, and some airplane ride, Maddie came and sat with me to wait for the show to start. When it started.... the four awesome characters came out and sang a few favorites. I was so happy to see another mom making a fool out of herself and doing the hand gestures to "Hot Potato" and "Romp-Bomp-A-Stomp". I might just have to have another baby just to get a chance to listen to the Wiggles again.... then again, I do have all these nieces & nephews..... I'll make them listen to them over & over & over again when I see them.
Aunt Amy will be so cool. {{probably not... but I can hope!}}

THEN came the highlight of our day...
THIS is what set off of event of what was to happen

The Teacups

Yep, who would've thought this little ride would make Katie do the unthinkable? I mean, when you see some kid puke, do you think "oh gross!" or "wow, so glad I'm not his mom! that would be so embarrassing!" Well, I was that mom. All 4 girls go on this ride twice, in a row. Katie closed her eyes toward the end. Irene & I weren't sure if Katie was enjoying the ride or getting sick. She got off, and immediately said "I need to sit down". So we sat. Then we walked to the next ride. She was a little red. OK, VERY red. I started to push the pop on her (bought the $12.99 cheap container so we could get unlimited pop that day. Irene had a $3 off coupons, so we were "popped" out by evening). We had already ran out of water like 30 minutes after we got to the park! Then Vanessa started to get dizzy & sick. Finally at the end of waiting for this ride, Katie sits down on the ground and says
"I'm going to puke"
Ohhhhhh great.
So I walk her & her friend to the exit area, started up the steps, hear something, turn around, and Katie pukes all over the place. Ugh. Granted, it's just liquid. I grab her and run for the grass, to which the girl who worked there said "you can't go there" and I turned and said "OK, can she puke right in front of you then.. is that where you want her to puke?" OK, I may have been a little rude, but geez girl! Give a mom a break!

We ended up leaving the park and heading to the fast food restaurant for lunch & to sit in the A/C for a few hours. OK, we fit in a trip to Nordstrom Rack too... and a sporting goods store b/c it was raining & lightning. After 2 hours in the AC (and the big girls were feeling MUCH better after food & cooling off), we were good to go back. Good thing we went back too, b/c everyone was leaving! We had faster access to the rides.
While Irene & the 2 older girls rode "THE SCREAM" (you can see them in the above picture to the left), I took the little girls on a little swing ride. Before long, I started to see flip flops all over the ground. Flop flop flop No wonder they call them flip flops. It truly does sound like a "flop" when they hit the ground. ::snort:: The expression on Maddie's face is like those of the other "scary" rides.
Frantic & holding on for dear life.

So, long story short... {OK, not really short} we had a great time. Maddie rode on her favorite log ride at the end, & we did a few more rides involving speed that I'm surprised Maddie went on, and enjoyed. I don't really see myself as a season ticket holder to anything amusement park... unless Maddie eventually grows out of this fear. Bummer. I really like roller coasters.


  1. Sounds like a really fun day. Poor Katie getting sick from the teacup ride.

  2. Amy, it sounds like such a fun day!!! I am impressed you even got a little shopping in there too! :)

  3. Six Flags is always so much fun! I love Katie's face on the Big Red Car Ride.:)

  4. It's been one big fiesta since you moved there. I hope Katie is feeling better! (BTW, nice job fitting in a Nordstroms rack stop)

  5. ok you really gotta get those girls on a real roller coaster- not one of the wooden ones that will rattle your fillings out. totally different experience!

    poor katie- thats exactly why i never ride the teacups

  6. teacups are THE WORST. B.A.R.F.!

    looks like you girls had a blast!

  7. What a lot of fun! Especially having friends to share it with.

  8. I love roller coasters too, but my boys both have MAJOR motion sickness issues. Oh well.

  9. Sounds like you had a blast! We are going in a week or two. Ethan got a free ticket from school... yeah, I'm with maddie when it comes to roller coasters :o(

  10. Funny-- But it still looks like fun. I cant believe how grown up Katie is getting and that pic of you and maddie (you guys looks just alike--minus the hair:)

  11. Oh no! I hate the tea cup ride, lol. Sorry she got sick, I hope she was able to enjoy the rest though. The Scream looks really fun though.


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