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Sunday, December 19, 2010

it's a chinese new year...

Last Friday the 3rd grade classes at Madison's school did a huge celebration of the Chinese New Year. They had a parade marching down through the entire school (all the classes were outside their rooms, cheering the 3rd graders on, while Chinese music was playing through the intercom system). Parents lined the walls snapping pictures.

There were acrobats, chinese dragons, children carrying lanterns... and I'm sure other things that I have no idea what they were... but it was all so incredibly awesome.

While the kids were marching around the hallways of the school, other moms were setting up the classrooms to have a party. We're talking chopsticks, chicken fried rice, chicken nuggets (not 100% sure why this was related to chinese food, but hey... the kids loved it!), egg rolls, and other yummy treats.

Here I told Maddie to smile, and I get a half smile. That little stinker.

Then the eating. OH, to watch the kids try to eat with their chopsticks!! TOO funny! For example...

What does a kid have to do to pick up chicken nuggets with their chopsticks?

Answer: stab it ...
Amazingly, stabbing the food works!

and last but not least, all the kids got two of these gel candy... I can't remember what they are, but I just remember my mom buying these in bulk at Sam's when my brother and I were teenagers. Some of the flavors had fruit in them, but in reality, they were just gross. Blech.
what is up w/ these peace signs that Maddie's holding up? And man oh man does her nails need to be cleaned!!

and that ... is the most perfect way to start a winter vacation for TWO weeks!!

Oh.. and I spied with my little eye the little boy that has a huge crush on Maddie. He is totally cute! Too bad Maddie doesn't think so. He said "he has too high of a voice". Whatever...


  1. so fun..
    Enjoy your TWO weeks vacation.....

  2. cute! great photos- so colorful and cheerful.

    funny comment about her admirer- it makes me remember some of the reasons i used to shut down boys for :)


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