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Sunday, December 5, 2010

my highland dancer

My girls have been dancing Highland Dance (Scottish dance) for over 6 years. Katie for almost 7 years... Maddie has been dancing for 5 years. Granted, they took a year and a half off when we moved, but we have an amazing teacher here in San Antonio... who taught THEIR former teacher.

This wonderful teacher has an online store for all things Scottish. I offered my services for anything she needed to take pictures of for her online store. So one day we went out and about and I was able to get some great shots of Katie. The pictures of Maddie didn't really turn out very well (she was in an ornery mood), but I love the ones of Katie. It kind of turned into her own little photo shoot...

This is her posing for the sword dance.....

We also really want that kilt... which is also for sale. Katie outgrew her old kilt! STOP GROWING KID! Donations are accepted... :D Kilts are really expensive! But thankfully, if (and when) we buy this one, it will most likely be the last one we have to buy b/c it is a little long on her. Not to mention, it is a REAL kilt (not a kiltie! or a dance kilt!).

I really REALLY love this picture!!

and finally, when all was done & over, she took her blouse off, and she was quietly reflecting on whatever it was she was thinking about (see the first picture at the top), she looked at me, and gave me a cute little smile. Perfection!


  1. wow wonderful pictures of Katie.. She looks so much like you.

  2. She is beautiful!! And you are quite the photo-tress. :)


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