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Thursday, December 16, 2010

What happens when.....

What happens when you place an order on Shutterfly, and eagerly anticipate the package you order?

I mean... you DO hope they send you your pictures? RIGHT?! Or at least, did it ever cross your mind that you might NOT get your pictures or whatever you ordered? I have to honestly say it has never crossed my mind... until yesterday.

So yesterday I pick up my package by the door from Shutterfly! It's here!! Yay! Can't wait to see our cards! However... the little girl on the card doesn't look like my little girls. There's a slight big difference.

I mean... my girls are much blonder, and last I saw, I have two of them. At least, I think I have two of them. Maybe I'm seeing doubles..... plus they're much older. I think.

So, I called Shutterfly up and waited patiently for 20 minutes to speak to a "very hard to understand English speaking person". He finally said in a very thick accent "OK, we will reorder and send it out to you." So I said "I want it next day." He said "OK." My order appears to be coming on Monday. Today's Thursday. That's not next day.

I must give two thumbs up for that service, but two thumbs DOWN for the fact that I got another family's precious cargo... I mean, I'm not comfortable knowing who got MY cards, with the picture of MY girls!!


  1. so sorry... I hope you get your cards soon....

  2. Oh goodness. I have a friend this happened to a couple of years ago when she used Shutterfly too :( Lame.

  3. AHH! That's terrible. I hope they refund your money. That girl is cute though. Wonder if her parents have called yet.


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