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Friday, September 2, 2011

New Favorites to share!!!

I've tried some new favorites lately, and since I think it's pretty selfish for me to not share the newest stuff out on the market -- I'm going to share!

1)  Fage Greek Yogurt with Mango Guanabana.  I have NO clue what Mango Guanabana is.  Is it mango with a guana and a banana?  If so, what is a guana?  Either way, I'm on a greek yogurt kick, and I bought this from my grocery store for only .75 cents ... marked down.  Hopefully they're not on the way out w/ this flavor b/c I.LOVE. this stuff!  For sure, this is going on my grocery list!
2)  Lypsyl Honey Rose chapstick --  I took a BzzCampaign years ago for Lypsyl, and I've been hooked on this stuff ever since.  However, a few weeks ago I was looking around in Big Lots, and found some of the Honey Rose flavor for only $1.25!!  SCORE!

3)  Pacific Gold Teriyaki Turkey Jerkey -- I bought this at Costco and wow oh wow ... did my family fall in love with this jerkey!! 

4)  Archer Farm's drink mix Blackberry Blueberry -- these caught my eye when I was browsing the individual packets of Crystal Light ... there were four flavors at my Target, and I noticed they were all the flavors of the Sobe drink mix .. Apple Pear, Blackberry Blueberry,  Strawberry Dragonfruit, and Acai Punch.  Eight packets in a box for about $2.49 ... a lot cheaper than buy a Sobe drink!!

5)  Pinterest!!  Finally on board with pinterest, and now I have a bunch of boards that I'm busy pinning and repinning .... awesome ideas.  Wish I was the one to have thought of this idea!  (You can follow me on Pinterest by using that little button on the side of my blog!)  If you need an invite, leave me a comment with your email address!!

6)  Sioux City Orange Cream Soda.  Mike and I went to a dinner party a few weeks ago, and the gal had a bunch of drinks spread in tin containers all over the house.  It was so awesome... but since alcohol beverages were mixed with non-alcoholic beverages (I don't drink alcohol) I was leery about what I was picking out.  I picked this out, and my eyes literally popped out of my head after I took my first sip.  I gave Mike a drink and his expression was "WOW!" We quickly ran around the house searching for more bottles...  hee hee  I asked the hostess where she got it ...  Home Goods (she bought it b/c it went with the colors of the party!  So fun!)!  So naturally, we drove straight to Home Goods after the party, and bought the last remaining four pack they had.  $3.00 .....  they had a Sassafrass flavor as well (we bought that too).  So, look up your Ross, Marshalls, Home Goods and see if you can find this.  I believe I will be shopping there more often just so I can stock up.  :)

Anyways -- those are my latest favorites!  What are your latest favorites?

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