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Monday, September 5, 2011

What happens when I try to imitate crafty people?

What happens when I try to imitate crafty people?


Big time.... thankfully this was a cheap failure, so I'm not missing any money -- but there's nothing like perusing Pinterest and finding all these amazing ideas for crafts, recipes, ideas ... and think "oh, I SO can do this!"  Hello Martha Stewart wanna be!  You ain't Martha Stewart or any of those million creative housewives who have beautiful homes and can sew an apron in their sleep, build a beautiful garland for their front door, and redo a piece of furniture front the thrift store so it crackles perfectly ... ALL IN ONE DAY! 

This is what I tried to do ....  print a picture on tissue paper and then mod podge on canvas.
Yeah ... sounds SO easy, right?

And yes, you CAN print on tissue paper!  Didja know that?!  I didn't until this morning!
I have pictures I am mounting on canvas of the girls ... I've been doing it for awhile now, trying to build up a collage I can put on the wall.  I figured this would've been a cool idea.  I got the idea from this site ....  this gal did an amazing job in describing everything.  Her pictures were beautiful.  Everything was perfect. 

Here is my story in pictures:








If you're still hung up on the fact that we can print on tissue paper, let me give you a hint if you should try this activity .... you HAVE to tape down your tissue paper (dull side up) on cardstock.  If you use regular paper, it won't go through.  But, tissue paper tears.  A lot.  Going back to my regular pictures now.  Idea was cool though!

I will go back to perusing Pinterest and other blogs and just sigh in envy of all these cool crafts these gals come up with.


  1. what a great idea.. If i was crafty, I would so try to make that craft. But I'm not crafty, so i will just have to pay some other crafty housewife to make to for me....

  2. I still think it looks pretty good. I am going to have to try that sometime.

  3. It did still look pretty good to me. Good for you for even trying!!!


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