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Friday, September 9, 2011

sharks, dorkfish, and a killer whale

Over Labor Day weekend, the girls and I decided to head to Sea World on Saturday to enjoy one last play in the water -- since it was the last weekend to play before they shut down to make way for the NEW Aquatica to come next year.  That was one long sentence!  Whew!

We packed a lunch, enjoyed the shows, one very wet water ride, and one very scary (for Katie) but fun (for me) roller coaster ride .... and played in the water for an hour while I crashed on the lounge chair and played with my iTouch (Solitaire).  Whew... that was another long sentence!  My English teachers' would kill me for writing this long of sentences!
First off, we went to see the dolphins.  For some unknown reason, they closed off the dolphins until 1:00, so we could only "see" the dolphins.  :(

Maddie has turned into a walking encyclopedia of all things shark.  She LIVED for Shark Week. 
These next group of pictures I'm proud to say I shot w/ my camera on MANUAL!!  NO FLASH!  That will explain some of the shake that you will see around my girls, but at least it means I'm learning manual!!  Wahoo!


Oooh ... stinkrays!  (Stingrays.. I know!)

Ooh... pretty!!

This guy was literally giving me the stink eye.  Made me pretty uncomfortable at first.  It reminded me of Bruce, from Finding Nemo.  Look at his mean scowl.


Duh duh..... duh duh ... duh duh ...
(picture in your head the Jaws theme song)


Maddie was in shark heaven.
I worry that she will grow up to be a marine biologist.
Course, I would be thrilled for her if she does that -- but let's hope she would study dolphins.  Not sharks!

My... that's an odd looking shark. 
Look at his.....  Gasp! 
If you have NO idea what a dorkfish is, you HAVE to read my blog post HERE and watch the Bill Engvall comedy guy about his fishing trip ....
We hadn't had a chance to see the new Shamu show .... so we got there early, two rows above the Splash Zone!  I really miss the chance to see the trainers get in the water with the whales.  Course, I understand WHY .... (all of the trainers wear their hair in a bun now) ... but seeing the trainer come out of the water on the nose of a killer whatle to heart stirring music just made my heart stop and my eyes swell with tears.
But ..... we got to see a baby!!
Isn't it cute?!!

and finally here is a clip of my friend and fellow photographer pal Valerie -- she is a trainer also!!  You can see what she sees when she's in the water with a beluga whale!


  1. Fun!! I haven't been to sea world since I was a kid, but this makes me want to go back.

  2. I love Sea World! I wanted to be a marine biologist for awhile when I was younger too.

  3. Your pics turned out great! Loved them!


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