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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Building a cabin ... part 9

Mike went up last week for a quick weekend w/ his dad & his brother.  They came down from Missouri for a visit with Mike.  Unfortunately they had to leave early to head back home, so Mike had some time to work on the bathroom!! 

He managed to get the bathroom tiled!!  Wahoo!  HELLO SHOWER!  {I'm totally not a bath girl.. I love my showers}

We (remember... HE) needs to finish caulking around some of the edges, so he'll do that the next time we go up.  Also, need to change out the part where the water comes out b/c it kind of splashes water a bit when it comes out (it's too small) -- we need a longer ... thing.  Whatever it's called.  Faucet?

The final stop in the bathroom is putting the floor down and a few other knick knacks.. and then the bathroom will be DONE! 







  1. Oooo!!! I seriously love seeing these cabin updates. I wish Dustin and I had this kind of talent. Go Mike! You are amazing!


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